Mercury Jackal is the thirteenth mission of the Gameboy Advance game version of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear.

Mission objective:

Control - Your mission is to destroy the base's precision machine shop and its electrical generator. Any member of your team can set the demolitions charges - the locations of both targets are clearly marked on your map. 

Your final objective is to enter the main complex and use explosive charges to destroy the core of the bomb manufacturing facility. None of Zaitsev's men must be allowed to leave the base. 

The primary target is the machine shop used to fashion the nuclear core housing. The secondary target is the base generator. Expect some serious opposition, the guards are ex-military; well trained and well armed. 

Finally, if you find any other scientists, bring them out alive. 


John Clark - The scientists you rescued in Phase 2 have revealed that they were working on components to build an ICBM. A nuclear weapon that is out of the hands of any legitimate government is known as a "Rogue Spear". 

We're keeping NATO and the contacts we trust in the Russian government aware of the situation. 

We must put Zaitsev out of the bomb-making business, once and for all. 

Mission success

John Clark - Bad news. We couldn't recover the nuclear weapon from the Siberian facility, research shows that it has already been transported somewhere else.

Our Intel is currently working hard to decrypt the base's mainframe files and see if something useful turns up. We have discovered who Zaitsev really is. His real name is Igor Kutkin. He's the elder brother of Maxim Kutkin, the Russian organized crime figure that was partially responsible for the series of terrorist acts we had to deal with last year. The "SamRand Group" was an elaborate cover for Kutkin. We have a score to settle with him, and he has a personal one to settle with us.

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