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For the map in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, see Border.

"The city of San Joshua Del Mosquiera was once a prosperous industrial center, based on its location near the US border and its port. However the city has recently become overrun by crime and smugglers gangs."
— Loading screen

Mexican Border is the first mission in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas. The multiplayer version of the level is Border Town.


Newly appointed Rainbow team leader Logan Keller is deployed alongside squadmates Gabriel Nowak and Kan Akahashi, on a mission in a Mexican border town called San Joshua del Mosquiera. Joanna Torres, Rainbow's intelligence officer, briefs them on their mission; their objective is to arrest Irena Morales, a terrorist ringleader, for the attack on the Bogota French Embassy seven years prior. As the team reaches its landing zone in a helicopter, Logan fast-ropes down first, but the helicopter and the rest of the team is forced to retreat as a rocket-propelled grenade barely misses them.

Separated from his squad, Logan fights his way through the terrorist-infested streets and meets up with Gabriel and Kan at an old Spanish church, their alternate landing zone. After infiltrating a train yard and freeing a group of hostages, Rainbow eventually makes their way to a mine where Irena is hiding. After eliminating Irena's guards, one of whom is the infamous Marcelo, they attempt to arrest her; however, Irena triggers a set of hidden explosives, caving in the roof and burying Logan under a pile of rubble. Gabriel and Kan are overwhelmed and captured by terrorist reinforcements.

As Logan regains consciousness, he finds most of his equipment missing (including his goggles, primary weapons, and grenades). Alone, and armed only with his handgun and snake cam at first, Logan fights his way through an abandoned factory, eventually escaping with Joanna in Rainbow's helicopter.

Ding Chavez has a conversation with the new team leader about the incident, instructing him to handle a new crisis in Las Vegas. Logan objects, insisting that he search for his lost squad mates instead; Chavez, however, surmises that the Las Vegas incident and Irena's activity may be too closely related to be a simple coincidence.


Mexican Streets[]

The player starts with the MP5N, 552 Commando, MK23. Upon leaving the helicopter, take a shoulder to the wall's corner and look for enemies. Go into the open and take cover behind the small wall. Two enemies will appear down the street, get a read on them and take them out. You get a message about an alley, so take it. Peek around the corner and try to spot the lone enemy. Take him out, then move up to the corner and look for three enemies up the street. Try to take them out with headshots.

You don't have to take the other hidden path, just keep going. Enter the building by the dumpster. Sneak up on the lone terrorist and splatter his brains. Ignore the doors and just go up the stairs. Follow the hall and take a left, then enter the room with a ladder and go up, then quickly take out the enemy up here. Go the where he was standing and aim down to the streets and kill the enemy you see moving. Look at the hook and go down; ignore the people in the window.

Quickly take cover and scope out the way ahead. Go backward and snake your way down the back path. Take the corner down the second alley you find, so that you see down the original path, but aren't behind the enemies. You will see two nearby and another down a bit further. Headshot the one near you, and hopefully the other will not see you, so take him out. The last one should take cover, and if he doesn't see you, just poke out now and again to get his attention; then off him.

Go up and take cover behind the truck, but don't go all the way to the back corner; you will be able to aim from the cover. You should see an enemy on a balcony and another patrolling the streets. Shoot the one up high, then take out the other when he comes into view. Now stand up and take cover by the corner on the wall. A third enemy comes out to investigate, so kill him too. Go where he came from and take the corner down the steps. There is one up high, and another will hop the fence nearby. The one on the ground will spot you, so get him quick and then the other.

Climb the fence and watch the cutscene. Quickly go down the steps and take the corner. There are four on the streets and two of your guys on the church. You should be able to get two-three, and then mop up whatever is left; you can see through the smoke by pressing the RB to bring up your thermals. Enter the church and meet your dudes up top. Take cover, leave your guys where they are. Enemies will pop up from both sides of the church, but only a few from the direction of the stairs. Your squadmates should take out the ones behind you, but if you are taking hits, then you know to look behind you for the source. In front of you are three levels of enemies and there are about three waves for each position. Take them out and go back down the stairs.

Send your squadmates to the podium at the front of the church then run to the seats in the center and provide support. Watch for the enemies on the right side of the church, and be ready for more to enter from the doors. The scene does not mean the fight is over, so wait for a calm. When it seems to be over, send your squadmates in front of you as you leave through the doors.

Go around and send your team to the doors, and then wait behind the truck. After the bomb goes off, go to the edge of the doors and provide support. The enemies should hide behind some slabs down the road. When it seems quiet, send your team down the road and then follow; there are no more in the area.

There are three doors to the next building. Position your team on the middle one, near the front. Go to the door and snake it by looking at the bottom. Press the Back button to put a target on one of the enemies. Go to the other door on the right and look through for the other guy. Stand back and then press Up on the d-pad, wait for one second, then open your door, and take out the other one.

Go out the door and stack your team on the door on the bottom. Look through, set a mark on the guy up high, then go up the stairs. Snake this door and spot the two enemies. Have your team to frag and clear. You'll then open this door take out the enemies on the upper levels. Do this and take cover by the railing and simply pop and shoot to clear the upper catwalks while your team takes out the enemies on the bottom. When things seem quiet, press and hold the back button to see if any enemies are in the area, then act accordingly.