Michael Curry is a character mentioned in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield. He was a gardener who worked for Nikola Gospic.


Michael Curry was a gardener who worked for Nikola Gospic at his estate at Cayman Brac on the Cayman Islands. In April 2006, Gospic was out of town on business. Curry, who had run up debts with several local smugglers, offered for them to use Gospic's home as a temporary base of operations. On April 19, 2006, police arrived at Gospic's estate in order to ask him questions concerning the failed drug bust at the nearby private airport a month prior. Police instead met the smugglers who panicked and opened fire, killing two officers and taking a few others hostage. The Cayman Islands Governor requested Rainbow to resolve the situation and rescue the hostages. Following the end of Operation Pearl Castle, Curry's body was discovered. Notably, he was killed by a bullet to the back of the head instead of wounds sustained by the firefight between the smugglers and police. This would suggest that Gospic found out that Curry loaned his home to the smugglers and executed him in retaliation.

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