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Michael Walter is a British Rainbow operative.


Mike is the team’s jovial voice and your weapon to suppress the enemy and blow them sky high.

Michael Walter’s three year tour in 40 Commando Royal Marines included the military evacuation of British nationals from the Democratic Republic of Congo and active operations in West Belfast in support of Operation Banner. Success in CQB tactics and special operations earned Walter a recommendation to pursue a path in Special Forces.

In 2001, Walter completed the legendary Selection, earning him a place in 22 SAS. Walter distinguished himself as an SAS operator in counter-terrorist operations in Afghanistan and Iraq.

After four years, 22 SAS transferred Walter from his Sabre Squadron to its secretive 14 Intelligence Company in Northern Ireland. His work went global when 14 Int was folded into the Special Reconnaissance Regiment, where he worked with operators and agents of SAS, MI5 and the Special Branch. In 2008, Walter was offered a spot in Rainbow for his combination of combat, reconnaissance and special operations experience.


Michael can be seen as the heavy support character, as he typically uses an MK46 to provide suppressing fire. He has experience with explosives, and will disarm bombs when needed, he also plants breaching charges. He seems to be the squads demolitions expert as he is often seen disarming bombs and C4.