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Miguel Cabrero is a character in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas and in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 and is the brother of Alvarez Cabrero.

At the beginning of the game, Miguel is a coyote, or "people-smuggler" who is attempting to gather bomb compenents. He is first seen in Las Vegas meeting with Alvarez as he arrives by car. He is next heard talking with NSA agent Neville but tortures him brutally and Neville is killed later in a botched rescue attempt. He later plants a chemical gas bomb in a Las Vegas recreation center killing several hundred people and flees to the library. He is then discovered to be disguised in a hazmat suit and is chased by the player through a junkyard until backed up against a fence. When he is faced by the player he is initally defiant until the player orders his execution. He immediately sells out his brother and surrenders, but Bishop taunts Miguel that Alvarez would not be happy selling him out and Miguel angrily pulls out another Desert Eagle where Bishop immediately shoots Miguel dead in self defense.


  • Killing him before this point results in mission failure. As long as he is not killed by being shot, however, he can be hit multiple times as the level progresses, and will be splattered in blood by the time he is interrogated.
  • When he is finally cornered and interrogated, it is implied Bishop intentionally taunts Miguel on purpose in order to provoke him into drawing his weapon. This gives Bishop a valid reason to kill him in self defense, instead of taking him alive and to somewhat avenge the many deaths Miguel caused with his chemical bomb.