Military Base
Military Base
Location Tyrnyauz Region, Kabardino-Balkaria
Date September 25, 2008
12:36 Hours
Objective Destroy Train
Recover Intel
Game Rainbow Six Black Arrow
Next mission Rocket Facility
Previous mission Agora
Military Base is the ninth mission in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Black Arrow.


It turns out that the cell leader captured in Athens wasn't a local, but rather a disavowed former Russian Major. He's willing to sell out his buddies who wants to carve out their own country by plotting out huge profits from oil reserves near the Black Sea. By causing chaos and havoc, it would make their attempt much easier than normal. Your mission is to assault the entire Group's HQ, a former Russian Military Base, established in Kabardino-Balkaria. Unfortunately, the region is very loose and heavily secured by enemy forces. It has been discovered by Intel that some loose warhead missiles were sealed up in concrete bunkers (when the Russians left), however, the enemy has unsealed them, and plans on moving them with their own custom-grade material inside. Your first objective is to disable a train carrying some of the warheads, and then to discover where the missing missiles have been should out to.


Mission 9 Alpha

John Clark - Gentlemen, this thing is heating up faster than I'd like. It turns out that the cell leader you captured in Athens isn't a local. His name is Sergey Koltsov, a former Major in the Russian Army. According to his jacket, Sergey got himself a dishonorable discharge a few years back for committing atrocities in the field, and since then he's been a hard man to find. However, now that we've collared him, he's willing to come in out of the cold and cut a deal. He's flipped on his buddies. The ones behind the Athens operation and everything else we've been chasing. it turns out he was working for a loose network of former Russian officers and local oil baron types that want to carve out a new country for themselves in the Caucasus. There's a lot of oil sitting there waiting to be tapped, and these guys have the skill, the expertise and the money to be a serious threat.

Mission 9 Bravo

Between the documents you retrieved previously and Koltsov's testimony, we've been able to pinpoint the group's HQ. They're operating out of an old Russian military base in one of the real tongue-twister republics, Kabardino-Balkaria. The base itself is tucked away in the hinterlands near Tyrnyauz, and even the Russians gave up on the place twenty years ago. Now it's got new tenants, and you get to go evict them.

Mission 9 Charlie

This still from a Predator Drone gives us a pretty strong idea of what they're up to. When the Russians left that base, they sealed the bunkers with concrete but didn't take the birds with them. Our tangos have opened the bunkers back up and have started moving the ordnance south, to an unknown location. We don't know what those missiles are carrying, but we do know their designation. They're modified kuryers, which means they are nuclear-capable. We need to stop any more of those birds from moving, and we need to know where the missing missiles have been shipped to. Your first objective will be to immobilize the train transporting the missiles. After that, you'll need to find out where the train was going and bring that information back. Without it, we're working blind.

Mission 9 Delta

What you're looking at now is a satellite image one of our spotter birds took five minutes ago. This is the rail line leading into the base, and those flatbeds are the sort you'd use to transport warheads. That train cannot be allowed to leave the base. You'll need to plant a demo charge on one of the cars to derail it. I'll detonate the charge remotely once you're at a safe distance. You'll be inserted through the courtyard, labeled A in the diagram. Use the railroad cars - B and C - for cover. D is a watchtower, and image enhancement shows they've got a couple of sentries up in there.

Mission 9 Echo

Once the train is immobilized, your objective will be the data on where it was headed. You're going to need to download that intel from the base commander's personal computer. It won't be easy - Koltsov indicates that the man we're dealing with is General Dmitry Yaganov, a hard-line cold warrior from Ossetia. Our best estimates indicate that he's the field leader for this whole operation. That's why he's supervising the missile loading personally. We were able to tap their video feed to get these images of the camp's interiors. This is the main work area where the missiles are prepped for transport. Intel expects that it will be heavily defended.

Mission 9 Foxtrot

This is the hallway leading to the base's command center. that's where Yaganov is keeping the data we need. You'll notice that it's a cattle chute - very narrow, and lots of cover for hostiles along the way. Be careful on this one, Ding. The base is crewed with a large number of highly competent, heavily armed hostiles. I don't expect this one to be easy. Good luck.

Mission success

John Clark - We have the location of the missile base. That's all that matters right now. Yaganov is taken care of and the base is under control, but that's yesterday's news. Get ready for the big one, gentlemen. It's coming, and your ride will be here in ten minutes.