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Money Heist, also known as La casa de papel, is a limited time event in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege that was introduced during the Operation Ember Rise expansion. The event is in collaboration with the Netflix series of the same name, Money Heist.[1]

The event takes place on Bank with the standard Hostage gamemode. Unlike the normal version, however, the hostage is dressed in the signature jumpsuit and mask of the main characters in the television series. Money Heist ran from November 20, 2019 to November 25, 2019.


Two bundles themed around the event were introduced for Hibana and Vigil. Both bundles cost 1680 apiece.

Hibana Heist Bundle[]

Hibana Heist Bundle.PNG

Vigil Accomplice Bundle[]

Vigil Accomplice Bundle.PNG
  • Red Jumpsuit Uniform
  • Nameless Headgear
  • Surrealist Charm
  • K1A Fresh Paper Weapon Skin


  • Hibana's Appearance is a reference to Tokyo. Since the heist members used city names as code names, and Hibana is Japanese, tokyo is a reference to her nationality.
  • The theme song played on the event is the Italian partisan song: Bella Ciao, which it was featured in Money Heist.
  • The bundles were originally noted to only be available until November 2020. This was later extended indefinitely.