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"Every conflict is an iteration upon the last. Every scar, a victory."
— Montagne

Gilles "Montagne" Touré (pronounced "Mon-tah-niuhh" [mɔ̃.taɲ]) is an Attacking Operator featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege.


Touré was born on October 11 in Bordeaux, France. The son of an army officer and school teacher, he is the middle of four siblings with two older brothers and a younger sister. A few years after graduating high school, Touré began his law enforcement career as a uniformed police officer in the National Gendarmerie. They used his imposing form whenever there was a need to show a strong police presence, earning him a spot in the Mobile Gendarmerie where the focus was on crowd control as well as military and counter-terrorism patrol missions. Touré's push for extensive training provided him with a broad skillset and earned him a position in the GIGN.

After many years of service and involvement in numerous incidents such as the 1994 French Airline hijacking, Montagne has become the longest-serving GIGN operative. Touré is a certified GIGN instructor when not deployed with Rainbow. Though he's best utilized for his breaching techniques, Touré also has training in combat engineering and reconnaissance.[1]

Psychological Profile[]

Touré is considered highly dependable by his peers. His steady nerves have allowed him to take control of complex, high-stress situations during the tenure of his career.

As a trainer, Touré is stern with the new recruits but always tries to remain fair. He prefers to lead by example.[2]

Psychological Report[]

Specialist Gilles "Montagne" Touré's imposing presence, along with his unwavering gaze, is impressive and (as a tactic) I can see how it can be unsettling. He's a man of few words, even among his friends. I chose to visit him at one of the GIGN Training Centers so that he'd be more comfortable talking. […] Observing Touré with his trainees gave me a better sense of him. In this capacity he was accessible, fair, and even gregarious. […]

We started by discussing his role as an instructor. Touré was excited that Rainbow continues to evolve and is proud to be a part of it. He told me there's always a lot to learn from his peers and that, lately, he's been trying to stretch beyond his comfort zone. He has certainly taken the lead on including more virtual simulation in our training. He's hoping to incorporate the unique skills of operators such as Specialist Grace "Dokkaebi" Nam in his next sessions. […]

Touré has a naturally protective nature. His choice to enter law enforcement speaks more to that than his family's military history. The middle of four - his two brothers are also in the military - Touré said that the family raised them to be protectors. Their parents recounted stories of various ancestors who fought for what was right. […] He believes that education is the solution to many of the world's problems. His sister finished her police training but switched to teaching when she felt that was where she could do the most good.

Because Touré has an understated confidence, I was surprised when he expressed doubt about his role in Rainbow. Many of our operators are exceptionally skilled with languages. Touré isn't. None of the reports suggest this is an issue, but even a perceived weakness can become debilitating. I encouraged him to select one - only one - language to focus on studying, and asked some of the other specialists to make an effort to include him in their conversations. If all goes well, it'll feel less like he's being tested and more like he's being folded into the group.

- Dr. Harishva "Harry" Pandey, Director of Rainbow

Gameplay Description[]

A Heavy Armored Operator, Montagne comes equipped with his Extendable Shield, "Le Roc", which can fully cover him from head-to-toe while standing, providing extra protection that no other shield in the game offers. This also allows him to be the ultimate point-man, blocking enemy bullets as allies attack from his protection.

  • When not extended, the Extendable Shield behaves like a normal Ballistic Shield.
  • Montagne will absorb 66% of damage dealt from any source of explosive damage. This applies to all operators standing behind the shield.
  • Extending and contracting the Extended Shield has a very short delay.
  • When extended, the Extendable Shield covers the entire front of Montagne's body, protecting him from enemy fire and explosives. This also works with teammates behind the shield.
    • When extended, Montagne cannot shoot, melee, run, vault, change stance, or interact with any objects.
    • When extended, the Extendable Shield grants about 80° of horizontal protection.
    • When extended, the Extendable Shield has an inclined top granting some vertical protection. This inclined top creates less vertical vision, so going up stairs or looking upwards may be a challenge.
    • When extended, the Extended Shield greatly reduces flinching from melee attacks. Whereas a normal Ballistic Shield will be knocked aside when hit by a melee attack, Montagne's Extended Shield will only flinch, via guard break system.
  • As a Shield Operator, Montagne is slightly slower than a normal Heavy Armored Operator, moving at 67.5% speed, compared to a Heavy Operator's 75% speed.


  • Le Roc, when extended, is large enough to block a normal doorway, allowing Montagne to deny passage if he stands in the way.
  • Montagne acts as a mobile wall, teammates can take advantage of the large cover and shoot from the sides of the shield.
  • Montagne poses the greatest threat to the enemy team and provides an ample distraction whenever un-extending his shield.


  • Montagne works well with Breaching Operators such as Sledge, Ash, Buck, Zofia, Thermite, Hibana, Ace, Flores, and Maverick, as they can create holes he can walk through efficiently as well as provide him with ample firepower.
  • Le Roc, when extended, can completely block out the laser beams emitted from a Claymore, allowing for a surprise attack when Montagne retreats out of a doorway.


  • Montagne is still vulnerable from the back even when Le Roc is extended.
  • The overhead part of Le Roc consists of three panels with gaps in-between. Defenders at a higher position can easily circumvent Montagne's defenses from their vantage point.
  • While impervious to bullets and melee, explosives (such as Nitro Cells or Impact Grenades) detonated from the front will potentially deal a bit of damage. These explosives can also be thrown over his shield for maximum damage.
    • When hit by explosives or melee attacks in the Extended shield mode, Montagne will briefly flinch and be exposed to other sources of damage.
  • Some Operators can circumvent Montagne's defenses easier than others.
  • Smoke's Gas Grenades will bypass the Shield.
  • Lesion's Gu Mines are a good counter to Montagne, forcing him to either constantly take damage or contract and put away his shield to pull out the mine's needle.
  • Echo's Yokai Drones' sonic blasts and Ela's Grzmot concussion mines can temporarily cause a concussed effect to Montagne even when in the Extended shield mode. Each of the two effects will cause a brief shield guard break animation, meaning Montagne will be slightly more vulnerable to damage for a short period of time.
  • Even with the Shield up, Montagne is still vulnerable to gadgets such as Frost's Welcome Mats and Bandit's Shock Wires, becoming downed or electrified respectively.
  • Oryx's Remah Dash can knock Montagne down regardless whether or not his shield is extended, leaving him as vulnerable as anyone else.
  • Clash's CCE Shield and Melusi's Banshees can slow down Montagne even further, making him even more vulnerable.


Extendable Shield.png

Extendable Shield
"Le Roc" Extendable Shield

"Can expand his Extendable Shield to offer full protection while standing."
— Le Roc Description

Le Roc was first issued in the late 1980s. A composite of reinforced alloys and Kevlar, its sturdiness and well-designed collapsible feature has made it a staple in GIGN operations for nearly thirty years.

Touré’s shield is the only original Le Roc still in service. Though it has seen its fair share of conflict, the device has become an extension of Touré, having saved his life and members of his team on multiple occasions. It will most likely remain on active duty until Touré retires.

Device Evaluation[]

Device: Extendable Shield "Le Roc"
Operator: Specialist Giles "Montagne" Touré's
Evaluation Lead: Dr. Elena "Mira" Alvarez, Director of R&D

Montagne extendable shield.jpg

Gilles Touré's Extendable Shield was one of the first pieces of equipment to arrive for evaluation. Le Roc's heavy black surface is covered in deep battle scars and definitely stands out against our R&D facility's pristine labs. According to Pulse (Specialist Jack Estrada), it was like the Monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey had landed. I didn't understand this reference until he linked images from the movie - he's right!

Having Monty participate in some of these control tests has given us a better perspective of what he's up against (and what he puts others up against). The shield has some modifications in the past and we have a solid list of adjustments we may want to consider eventually. For now, Montagne's skill with the Extendable Shield has always been solid. As long as Specialist Touré has good support and communication with the team, Le Roc will continue to do its job as designed.

-Dr. Elena "Mira" Alvarez, Director of R&D


  • "Be ready for anything."
  • "I'll be where you need me."
  • "I will take point!"
  • "Stay calm, I'll be there."
  • "You can count on me."
Activating Extendable Shield
  • "Let's proceed slowly!"
  • "Let's push forward!"
  • "Stay behind me!"
  • "Stay close behind me!"
  • "Stay in formation."
  • "Time to move forward."
Throwing Smoke Grenade
  • "Throwing out some smoke!"
Scanning Enemies
  • "Targets detected!"
No More Ammunition
  • "I'm out of ammo!"
  • "Out of ammo!"
  • "Giving first aid!"
  • "Performing first aid!"
  • "Taking care of you!"
Friendly Fire
  • "Blue on Blue! Cease fire!"
  • "Friendly fire!"
Getting Hostage
  • "Come! We'll get you out."
  • "Follow me! We'll get you out!"
  • "Hostage secured!"
  • "Securing hostage."
  • "Securing the hostage."
  • "Stay with me. We'll get you to safety."
  • "You must follow me."
Moving Hostage
  • "Follow me, please!"
  • "Keep close. We can't stay here."
  • "Please stay with me."
  • "Quick! Run!"
  • "Okay! We run now!"
  • "Run!"
  • "Stay close."
  • "Stay close to me!"
  • "Stay low, we must get you out of here!"
  • "We must hurry!"
  • "We must run! Follow me quickly!"
  • "We need to move faster."
  • "We need to move fast! Stay close!"
  • "You have to stay close to me!"
  • "You must follow me now!"
  • "You must run, now!"
  • "You stay close to me."
Dropping Hostage
  • "Keep your head down, and wait for us."
  • "Okay! Stay here! We will be right back!"
  • "Please stay here. We'll be back."
  • "Stay here, just for a while."
  • "Stay here! We will return!"
  • "Stay put."
  • "Stay right here, keep your head down!"
  • "We will leave you here for a while! Stay safe!"
  • "You have to stay put!"
  • "You must stay here."
  • "You need to stay here!"
White Masks Reloading
  • "Targets reloading!"
  • "They're changing mags!"


  • Montagne, in French, translates to "Mountain."
  • A personnel file on a GIGN Operator containing descriptions that fit Montagne (specifically his involvement with 1994 French Airline hijacking) can be seen for a quick moment in 1:14 of the White Masks Reveal trailer at E3 2015.[3]
  • He has won several CQB awards in SWAT competitions in Europe and the US.
  • He was originally noted to have taken part in the 1979 Prise de la Grande Mosque seizure. Due to this date contradicting his birthday and subsequent age at the time of the incident, it was later removed from his biography.
  • Montagne is close friends with fellow GIGN Operator and CBRN specialist Olivier "Lion" Flament.[4]
  • Montagne's date of birth was originally stated in-game as 1968, however this has since been removed.



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