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"People think my codename is Mute because I don't like to talk. Maybe I just don't like you."
— Mute

Mark R. Chandar, codenamed Mute, is a Defending Operator featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege.


Chandar was born on October 11 in York, England. An exceptional and well-rounded student, he graduated from secondary school at the age of twelve. During his gap year he completed an internship at a prestigious British tech company where he contributed to the design and function of security system prototypes. At age fourteen, he was accepted into the Department of Engineering at the University of Cambridge where he majored in electronics and computer engineering. He later earned a Bachelor of Science and Engineering and a PhD in Electrical Engineering.

His ingenuity caught the attention of Britain's national security office, the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ). Having demonstrated acuity in code breaking, Chandar became an intelligence officer within the signals intelligence (SIGINT) unit. This experience proved to be valuable with his eventual recruitment into the SAS and later Rainbow. He continues to contribute to the applied technical research team and has recently expanded his field of study to include learning Korean.[1]

Psychological Profile[]

Chandar is highly intelligent and analytical. He is used to being the youngest and smartest one in the room. A man of few words, he prefers brevity and clarity to extemporizing. His curt nature is easily misconstrued as rudeness.[2]

Psychological Report[]

It may not be immediately clear why Specialist Mark Chandar's codename is Mute. While he dislikes small talk, he isn't particularly reserved and in fact can be brash - a trait that is off-putting to some. Whatever social agitation he experiences, there are some indications that he's unable to shake it off. I suspect it's because he's impatient. He needs to appreciate that there are different approaches to solving a problem. Interestingly, Specialist Mike "Thatcher" Baker seems begrudgingly tolerant of him and has been known to speak up in Chandar's defense.

Chandar tends to gravitate to certain personalities. In particular, I've noticed that he's been interacting with Specialist Timur "Glaz" Glazkov lately. Because Chandar revels in deconstructing equipment to create something new, I think he's drawn to abstract thinkers and Glazkov has a similar talent for seeing complex situations in a unique way.

Given his background in information security, Chandar understands secrecy and seems uncomfortable with expressing himself or with personal questions. In his field, and here at Rainbow, information is a critical - life and death - commodity. So of course, I respect this but only up to a limit. I had to find another way in and we managed to find common ground in discussing History, of all things!

For someone so focused on science he surprised me. His hometown of York is one of the most historic cities in England and it's a city I adore. He described in wonderful detail how he had to pass the Gothic church on his walk to school. He like to lean back and look up at the bell tower for so long that it made him wobbly.

My meeting with Chandar reminded me that we here at Rainbow tend to focus on how our operators excel in the STEM fields, but there is great value in our operators having passion and interests across a broad spectrum of studies. Chandar demonstrates why he's much more than someone who is used to being the smartest person in the room. Despite his young age, I'm certain he has something to teach the others.

- Dr. Harishva "Harry" Pandey, Director of Rainbow

Gameplay Description[]

A Medium Armored Operator, Mute is equipped with four GC90 "Moni" Signal Disruptors, jamming communications for remotely detonated gadgets such as Breach Charges or Drones.

  • Mute's Signal Disruptors are portable devices that can be placed on the floor to jam Attacker's electronic devices in a wide area.
    • Signal Disruptors have a rather long deployment time of 3 seconds. Gadget deployment method is similar to Bandit's Shock Wires.
    • A placed Signal Disruptor makes an audible buzzing noise.
    • Mute can see the effective range of the Signal Disruptors by a red circle that appears around the jammers when deploying them.
    • Defenders see a special icon on the HUD when they are inside the effective range of Signal Disruptors.
    • Signal Disruptors have a spherical area of effect, with a radius of 2.25 meters. This effectively covers two Reinforced Walls, and can jam some trapdoors from below.
    • The Signal Disruptor is an electronic gadget, and can thus be:
      • Detected by IQ's Electronics Detector
      • Disabled by Thatcher's EMP Grenades
      • Destroyed by darts fired by Twitch's Shock Drones
  • Gadgets under effect of a Signal Disrupter will display a visual feedback.
  • Drones within the Disruptors' effective range cannot move, cannot turn, cannot scan, and their cameras are blacked out with static.
    • Twitch's Shock Drones are also affected inside the Disruptor's effective range, and they cannot fire their darts when jammed.
  • Claymores placed within the Disruptors' effective range are disabled and cannot be triggered.
  • The following attacker gadgets cannot be activated if the Attacker activating them is standing within the effective range of a Signal Disruptor:
    • Remotely detonated gadgets (see above).
    • Blitz's Flash Shield
    • Jackal's Eyenox; it can still be toggled, and can still see footprints, but Jackal cannot activate its scanning capabilities.
      • Jackal's vision when the Eyenox is flipped down is affected by a disrupting static effect as he moves closer to the Disruptor.
    • Finka's Adrenal Surge
    • Lion's EE-ONE-D
  • Lion's EE-ONE-D cannot detect anyone standing next to a Signal Disruptor.
  • Ace's SELMA's will not activate when inside the effective range of a Signal Disruptor.
  • Nomad's Airjabs placed within the Disruptors' effective range are disabled and cannot be triggered.
  • Defenders within the proximity of a Signal Disruptor are immune to the phone buzz hack from Dokkaebi's Logic Bomb. If a Defender's phone is already buzzing, the buzzing will automatically cease if they move into the range of a Signal Disruptor.


  • The Signal Disruptors are essential both in the Preparation Phase and in the Active Phase. During the Prep Phase, the Signal Disruptors can be great contributors in preventing Drones from finding the objective. During the Active Phase, the Signal Disruptors can prevent Attacking Operators from using their gadgets or other electronics.
    • Mute can choose where he wishes to place his Disruptors when it comes to doorways: on the outside or the inside. If placed outside, it will prevent Drones from hopping into the room, at the cost of exposing the Disruptor's location. If placed inside, the Disruptors will still jam Drones, but may not prevent them from getting a peek at the objective.
  • Like any other gadget, if placed too close to an unreinforced wall, reinforcing that wall will crush the gadget, hence destroying it. The Disruptors will still do their job even if slightly placed away from desired walls.


  • Together with Castle, Mute can prevent Attackers from breaching through windows swiftly or a Fuze from deploying his Cluster Charges.
  • With Maestro, Mute can jam the reinforced walls and allow Maestro to cover the outside wall.
  • Drones that have been jammed by Mute can be Hacked by Mozzie's Pests.


  • Purely mechanical gadgets are not affected by the Signal Disruptors.
  • As an electronic gadget, the Signal Disruptors are susceptible to the same weaknesses as other gadgets of its type.
    • Thatcher is able to disable the Disruptors with his EMP Grenades for a duration of 10 seconds.
    • Twitch can be effective in countering the Signal Disruptors. As long as her Shock Drones do not come into jamming range of the Disruptors, Twitch can destroy the Signal Disruptors from a distance.
    • IQ can search and destroy Signal Disruptor from a safe distance with her Electronics Detector.
  • Ash's Breaching Rounds are not affected by Signal Disruptors, as they detonate automatically.
  • Maverick's blowtorch is not affected by the Signal Disruptor, as it does not use an electronic signal.
  • Kali's LV Lances will bypass the Signal Disruptor and destroy them along with any other possible gadgets.
  • Zero's Argus Camera lasers can destroy Signal Disruptors.
  • Flores' RCE-RATERO Drones can destroy Signal Disruptors if not disabled before detonating



Signal Disruptor x 4
"Moni" GC90 Signal Disruptor

"Jams communications for remotely detonated gadgets or drones in its range."
— GC90 "Moni" Signal Disruptor Description

Developed by Britain’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) the “Moni” was originally designed as a portable device that could blackout any radio transmissions or communication devices for covert or sensitive meetings between British government officials and foreign interests. As one of the primary engineers on the project, Chandar created a variant of the device that doubled the effective range of the original GCHQ signal disruptor.

Device Evaluation[]

Device: "Moni" GC90 Signal Disruptor
Operator: Specialist Mark R. "Mute" Chandar
Evaluation Lead: Chul Kyung "Vigil" Hwa with Specialist Mark R. "Mute" Chandar

Signal disruptor mute gadget.jpg

Rainbow Director Harishva (Six) Pandey and Research and Development Director Elena (Mira) Alvarez have made these evaluations a top priority. I was asked to review the GC90 Signal Disruptor alongside Specialist Chandar. He's invested many years researching defense systems and GPS-Reliant Military Systems. Really he's the expert on the subject.

Specialist Chandar and I put the GC90 "Moni" Signal Disruptor through a number of interior and exterior scenarios. The key focus was to test jamming signal parameters based on several constraints while keeping the device's weight to a minimum.

Regarding the attached evaluation results... Specialists Weiss and Pichon (IQ and Twitch) made repeated requests to review the data because both have devices that are powerful counters to the Moni. I didn't want to be uncooperative but I wasn't clear on the protocols. Mute wasn't granted access to the IQ Red MK III results "until Director Alvarez had seen them." So Mira, I'm leaving it for you to decide.

(Comment_E. Alvarez: That's fine, Vigil. I'll handle it from here. Mira.)

- Vigil and Mute


Mute's Quotes
  • "Don't be crufty."
  • "Don't go wonky on me now."
  • "We're sorted."
  • "Hold position."
  • "I think you've said quite enough."
  • "I'm brill."
  • "I'm easy."
  • "I'm not looking to get snookered."
  • "Knock up. We got a job to do."
  • "We're doing a bit more than scrumping here."
  • "What are they chuntering on about?"
  • "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain."
Setting Signal Disruptor
  • "Activating jammer."
  • "Deploying jammer."
  • "Initiating jammer."
  • "Jammer activated."
  • "Jammer deployed."
  • "Jammer down."
  • "Jammer initiated."
  • "Jammer ready."
  • "Jammer ready to activate."
Placing Nitro Cell
  • "Deploying C4!"
Detonating Nitro Cell
  • "Activating nitro."
  • "C4 activated."
  • "Detonating nitro."
  • "Nitro activated."
  • "Setting C4."
  • "Setting nitro."
Scanning Enemies
  • "Located target."
  • "Fortified the wall."
  • "Reinforcing the wall."
  • "Wall reinforced."
  • "Wall secured."
  • "Door barricaded."
  • "Door blocked."
  • "Door boarded!"
  • "Door secured."
  • "Window blocked."
  • "Swapping mags."
  • "Loading mag."
No More Ammunition
  • "Out of ammo!"
  • "I'll patch you up. Stay still."
  • "It's not that bad."
  • "I'll get you sorted!"
  • "Medic."
  • "Stay still, I'll get you sorted."
Friendly Fire
  • "Friendly! Cease fire!"
  • "Friendly! Don't shoot!"
White Masks Reloading
  • "Enemy reloaded!"
  • "Hostiles reloading!"


  • His Training Includes
    • University of Cambridge: Bachelor of Science, Engineering; PhD Electrical Engineering
    • Britain's Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ): Signals Intelligence Specialist (SIGINT)
    • S.A.S.: SIGINT Communications and Technology[3]
  • His Relevant Experience Includes:
    • Tempora
    • GCHQ Prototype engineer
    • S.A.S. Prototype engineer[4]
  • Mute's height was originally labelled as 5'6" (1.70m) but was later changed to 6'1" (1.85m) following the release of the Operation Black Ice expansion.[5] It has since been changed again to 5'11" (1.80m).
  • The loadout overview for Mute incorrectly spelled Disruptor as "Disrupter". This has since been fixed.
  • Mute wears a C50 CBRN mask.
  • Mute somehow managed to find a friendly target of jests in 707th SMB Operator Chul Kyung Hwa, who is often told by Mark that he is 'too quiet.'[6]
  • Mute is working on a counter hack to Dokkaebi's 'Logic Bomb'[7]
  • In Mute's operator video, Mute is seen with an ACOG sight attached to his MP5K, despite the fact that the MP5K can't equip the ACOG sight.
  • Mute's date of birth was originally stated in-game as 1991, however this has since been removed.


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