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"Reduces the overall weapon kick of single shot firing."
— In-game description

The Muzzle Brake is a weapon attachment featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. It greatly reduces the vertical recoil and does not change a weapons horizontal recoil similar to the Compensator and Flash Hider.

The Muzzle Brake reduces the recoil of the first shot by 45%, along with a 45% reduction for the re-centering time after shots.[1]

Re-centering time refers to the time between when a gun has kicked-up due to recoil and when it has returned to the point at which the player was aiming. Regardless of how far up the recoil has kicked the gun, be it one bullet or ten, this duration is fixed. Thus, the Muzzle Break reduces this time by 45%.

This means that the recoil is effectively halved for well-timed shots of semi-automatic fire, but the Muzzle Brake's recoil control makes it ineffective for continuous, rapid fire. These characteristics make this attachment useful for semi-automatic guns, especially those with high vertical recoil.

Weapon Compatibility[edit | edit source]

Compatibility List
Assault Rifles
Light Machine Guns
Submachine Guns
Marksman Rifles

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