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NIGHTHAVEN is a Private Military Company that was founded and is currently led by Jaimini Kalimohan Shah.

It is an available organization introduced in the Operation Shifting Tides expansion of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege.[1]


After enlisting in the Indian military, Jaimini Kalimohan Shah was disappointed to learn that women were not allowed to serve in combat units. After leaving the military, she used her family's fortune and influence to create her own Private Security Company to operate inside India's borders. In order to expand her clientele, Jaimini founded the Private Military Company NIGHTHAVEN to operate overseas. The organization regularly negotiates multi-million dollar contracts with clients across the globe.

Sometime in the earlier days of NIGHTHAVEN, Kali traveled to Croatia looking for new recruits. There, she met Anja "Osa" Jankovic, who got Kali's attention through her unique perspective and creativity for military engineering. Osa soon joined NIGHTHAVEN, creating the QCR (Quantum Concepts and Robotics) R&D Unit becoming NIGHTHAVEN's Director of R&D. Osa would later be responsible for most of their cutting edge technology, such as Kali's LV Explosive Lance and Masterframe Prototype I Suit, Wamai's Mag-NETs, Ace's S.E.L.M.A Breachers and Aruni's prosthetic limbs.

In 2019 Six invited Kali, Wamai, and by extension, NIGHTHAVEN, to join Rainbow. Officially, this was done in response to NIGHTHAVEN answering a distress call on the super tanker Argus. Pirates attacked the ship and threatened to kill everyone onboard should they not receive command of the ship. NIGHTHAVEN was able to successfully neutralize the pirates without such incident. Secretly, the real reason Six had invited Kali and Wamai was to prevent an opposing organization from hiring NIGHTHAVEN and to keep a close eye on them.

As part of a joint UN operation in Somalia between NIGHTHAVEN and the Forsvarets Spesialkommando, Kali's life was saved by Håvard "Ace" Haugland. The offer to join NIGHTHAVEN swiftly followed.

In late 2020, Kali traveled to Bangkok, Thailand and approached Apha "Aruni" Tawanroong with an offer to join NIGHTHAVEN. Aruni accepted Kali's offer due to the prospect of gaining access to cutting-edge prosthetics as well as donating her pay to charities.

Sometime in 2021, Osa would be officially brought to Rainbow as part of Team Kali in the Six Invitational 2022. At that time, she would also invite other Rainbow operators such as Ela, Fuze, Smoke, Pulse, Twitch, IQ, Blitz, Zofia and Echo to visit the NIGHTHAVEN R&D Complex, where they would receive special gear custom-made for them by Osa and the QCR Team.

In one of Zero’s audio interviews, he tells Flores “I know you’ve been gathering intel on Kali for Ash”, followed by “Do me a favor. Over the next few days, I need you to tell me if NIGHTHAVEN does anything out of the ordinary”. Flores agrees to do this.

In another of Zero’s audio interviews, he catches Osa sneaking out of Mira’s R&D lab. She says she is just reviewing the standard equipment. He then proceeds to call her a lousy liar. He begins to speak again, saying “If Kali thinks that she can-“ but Osa cuts him off mid-sentence by saying he doesn’t know them and that he can say anything about her but not to insult Kali.

By the end of the Six Invitational 2022, all members of Team Kali, including Ela, Smoke, Finka, Pulse and IQ left Rainbow and joined NIGHTHAVEN as its newest members, much to the shock and disappointment of their former comrades. After that occurance, Harry commented on the "Nighthaven Situation", stating he hoped that the choice made by his former colleagues was a righteous one. It is currently unknown what events transpired later on, though it is known that by the time of Operation Amber Sky (2025), Finka was back with Rainbow.

In early 2022, Nighthaven operatives carried out an assassination contract against Masayuki Yahata, CEO of Yahata Data Security, at a street market in Fukuoka, Japan. This led his bodyguard, Kana Fujiwara, to search for Rainbow Operative Hibana to help her seek out her liege's killers. During an investigation on Yahata's assassination in Japan, Rainbow Operatives Hibana, Jackal and Thatcher, accompained by Fujiwara (now called "Azami") herself, found two of Yahata's assassins, both of which were injured. While Azami was threatening one of them, Jackal and Thatcher interrogated the other one, who revealed they received an encrypted message from NIGHTHAVEN ordering an assassination. The man said that when they saw the target was Yahata, they thought it was a joke, until they received actual information on Yahata's location and a crate full of weapons and money. Before the man could reveal more, a heavily armored and armed NIGHTHAVEN helicopter arrived at the scene, killing one of the assassins while Rainbow escaped with the second one to safety. Hibana then comments that, if that helicopter sent to kill them was actually Nightahven's, they had just declared war against Rainbow. Azami responded by saying she doesn't care who that was, as long as it's the one responsible, they will suffer the consequences, leading Hibana to recruit her.

Following such events, Harry ordered some of Rainbow's operators, such as Valkyrie and Hibana, to investigate Nighthaven and their shady work, with Valkyrie being specifically tasked with surveiling Nighthaven's Headquarters at Singapore, looking for entrances, possible key weakpoints and structure. It it also known that Mira has been working on new equipment for the other Rainbow operators, should they ever engage Nighthaven in combat, this includes a high-tech armoured suit for Montagne.



Quantum Concepts & Robotics[]

  • R6Satk.png Osa (R&D Director)
  • Phil (Engineer)


  • R6Sdef.png Wamai
  • R6Satk.png Ace
  • R6Sdef.png Aruni
  • R6Sdef.png Ela (Joined after the S.I 2022 final match)
  • R6Sdef.png Smoke (Joined after the S.I 2022 final match)
  • R6Satk.png Finka (Joined after the S.I 2022 final match; formerly)
  • R6Satk.png IQ (Joined after the S.I 2022 final match)
  • R6Sdef.png Pulse (Joined after the S.I 2022 final match)



Alpha Packs[]

The NIGHTHAVEN R&D Collection was released on December 19, 2019 and was available until January 9, 2020. These Alpha Packs contain Headgear, Uniforms, and Weapon Skins that are themed around the organization. There are 18 cosmetic items in the collection with no duplicates awarded in packs.

All players are awarded a free Alpha Pack for logging in for the first time during this period. Afterwards, packs are obtained through completing Ubisoft Club challenges or by purchase with Renown or R6 Credits.

R&D Collection[]

Jackal Nighthaven 1.jpeg Jackal Nighthaven 2.jpeg
IQ Nighthaven 1.jpeg IQ Nighthaven 2.jpeg
Alibi Nighthaven 1.jpeg Alibi Nighthaven 2.jpeg
Rook Nighthaven 1.jpeg Rook Nighthaven 2.jpeg
Fuze Nighthaven 1.jpeg Fuze Nighthaven 2.jpeg
Mute Nighthaven 1.jpeg Mute Nighthaven 2.jpeg


  • NIGHTHAVEN is very protective of their intellectual property.
    • They had stopped all attempts by Mira and other operators to evaluate their equipment, even having lawyers issue cease and desist letters. This has also prevented her from suggesting any possible improvements to their equipment.
    • Prior, Wamai and Fuze both utilized their gadgets against one another in the kill house, worrying Kali.
    • In addition, Aruni previously worked with Thermite before her injury and occasionally travels with Twitch and Nomad.
  • Ash strongly opposed Harry partnering Rainbow with NIGHTHAVEN, telling him that he was "making a mistake".
  • It was initially confirmed that the organization would play a large role in story related content in Year 5 and, later, Year 6.
    • In the Year 5 roadmap, the Operator for Season 3, who was later revealed to be Zero, was hinted to be part of NIGHTHAVEN. This was later cited as an error as it was meant for the Season 4 Operator Aruni.
    • In Year 5's narrative, we see the introduction of Ace and Aruni, two NIGHTHAVEN operators that were meant to compete in the Six Invitation 2021. Additionally, during NIGHTHAVEN's training session, it is explained by Kali that, by having at least one of their operators in each team, the chances of new sponsors appearing increases. After said training session, Kali also invites Fuze to join their ranks, though it is unknown if he actually took the offer.
    • In Year 6's narrative, Osa is introduced, inviting multiple operators such as Ela, Twitch, Fuze, Pulse, Smoke, IQ, Zofia, Echo and Blitz to visit the NIGHTHAVEN R&D Complex, giving them special gear custom-made for each one of them as an "invitation gift". Additionally, it's known that Ash and Zero, through Flores, have been keeping a close eye on Nighthaven's actions.
    • By the end of the Six Invitational 2022, Nighthaven ceased to be part of Rainbow, while also successfully making Ela, Smoke, Finka, Pulse and IQ defect to their side.
      • Smoke's involvement in NIGHTHAVEN foreshadows it earlier than the others. (Testing the cannisters in the lab while Ace and Osa walks around the lab)
  • Aruni's addition to the organization marks NIGHTHAVEN the first CTU to recieve four members since the game launched.
  • NIGHTHAVEN Operators Kali, Wamai, Ace and Aruni all have unique default skins for their weapons featuring a spray-painted Nighthaven logo.
    • Kali's and Wamai's weapons sport a dark blue camouflaged look with a white NIGHTHAVEN logo.
    • Ace's weapons sport a matte black/olive green look with a red NIGHTHAVEN logo.
    • Aruni's weapons sport a dark brown/matte black/gold look with a yellow NIGHTHAVEN logo.
    • Additionally, Kali's SPSMG9 does not have it's own NIGHTHAVEN skin due to it having been added to Kali's loadout on a later date, replacing her original P226 Mk25, which did originally have the same unique look as the rest of her weapons.
    • Osa is the exception, as just like her fellow Year 6 operators (Flores, Thunderbird and Thorn), Osa's weapons do not feature a unique default skin, instead, having the exact same look as the ones used by the operators who were originally seen wielding them (Thermite, Jackal and the Spetsnaz operators)