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"I'm told these Aberrant Nests make proteins and enzymes for Neoplasms. They're jusy nasty to me."

Neoplasm are bio-organic structures featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction. Malignant Neoplasms connect to Nests in an area, resulting in increased contamination of the biome and the creation of Aberrant Nests. Aberrant Nests will then produce proteins and enzymes to feed the Neoplasm they are connected to. Once you destroy one Aberrant nest, all the other Aberrant nest wil start producing Archæans at a very fast rate.


Neoplasm is featured in the Decontamination mission objective. They are enclosed with hand like carapace that will only open once all Aberrant Nests are destroyed. Afterwards, a sample can be taken with the REACT blade and the Neoplasm will be destroyed.


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