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Nest Tracking is an objective featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction. It involves placing trackers in Nests and destroying them.


Upon entering the subzone, Nests will become highlighted once spotted with Recon gear, abilities, or by line-of-sight. Players must plant autotrackers in five Nests to start collecting data in order to complete the objective. While playing on solo, only three tests are required. Nests must be inactive in order to plant trackers, promoting stealth gameplay.

Nests with autotrackers planted will no longer produce enemies but can still be destroyed. Should too many Nests be destroyed or awakened, the objective will fail. Once trackers have been planted on all Nests, the Nests will detonate and the objective will be complete.



  • In the beta testing build of Rainbow Six Extraction, Nest Tracking was originally called "Nest Cartography".