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"He was a raven picking the bones of an old war and I’d be his shield until his children were ready to fly."
— Gutierrez describing his relationship with Gospic

Nikola Gospic, born Dejan Blazevic, is the main antagonist of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield.


During World War II, Dejan Blazevic was a member of the Nazi-sponsored Ustashe Regime in Croatia. Blazevic and his comrade Peja Sicic managed to systematically liquidate assets from countless Holocaust victims. In 1945, Blazevic and Sicic hid all evidence of their actions and escaped the country with large amounts of holocaust assets before the Allied armies arrived in the capital. A few years later, Blazevic changed his name to Nikola Gospic and arrived in the Cayman Islands. With the fortune he amassed from his time during the War, Gospic started growing his empire. By 2005, Gospic was in his 80s and had become one of the most well-liked men on Cayman Brac. He became somewhat of a philanthropist with extensive business interests throughout Argentina and Brazil.

On March 10, 2006, a failed drug bust at a private airport on Cayman Brac led to terrorists taking over the airport and taking hostages. After Rainbow was able to stop the terrorists, the local police visited Gospic's estate a month later on April 19 to ask him if he had seen anything of note during the incident. Unfortuately, Gospic was not home at the time. Instead, the narco-terrorists that attacked the airport the month prior met police at his door and opened fire. Backup was called and the terrorist soon found themselves in a standoff with police, taking several injured officers hostage. The Governor of Cayman Brac requested Rainbow to save the hostages and neutralize all hostiles. With the threat taken care of, Rainbow started to investigate why the terrorists were inside Gospic's estate. They found that one of Gospic's gardeners, Michael Curry, had offered for local smugglers to use the home as a base of operations while Gospic was absent in order to pay off debts. Curry was conveniently found dead afterwards with a bullet to the back of the head, leaving Rainbow unable to verify the story.

On May 17, 2006, Rainbow was called to stop terrorists who had taken hostages at a meat packing facility in Pilar, Argentina. The men had broken into the plant to destroy forty years of company records. Rainbow was able to stop them from destroying the backup records, however. While it would take months for Rainbow to review the records, several facts became immediately clear. Nikola Gospic partly owned the meat packing plant and had given most of the workers their jobs as political favors to for their parents. Further research into Gospic revealed that one of his companies had recently made a massive donation to the campaign fund for far right presidential candidate Alvaro Gutierrez. Intel managed to link Gutierrez to the terrorist attack in Jura Canton, Switzerland late last year.

A few months later, Rainbow had interviewed Gospic over the recent events at his estate and the meat packing plant. Gospic did not divulge any incriminating information but his connection to Gutierrez was clear. On August 6, 2006, John Clark sent Rainbow to Buenos Aires, Argentina bug Gutierrez's penthouse in order to find concrete evidence linking both men and to find out what they may be planning. Following a hostage situation at a bank in London, England on September 23, 2006, Rainbow finished reviewing the meat-packing plant's financial records. They discovered Gospic's real name and the war crimes he had committed during World War II. This revelation also revealed that Gospic had been the one to hire the terrorists to plant bombs at an oil refinery in Amuay, Venezuela back on November 30, 2005. Rainbow believed that Gospic had become paranoid that Sicic's deportation proceedings from Venezuela would blow his own cover, prompting him to try to cover his tracks at the oil refinery and the meat-packing plant.

Further revelations revealed that the import/export firm that was housing VX nerve agents in Porto Alegre, Brazil was owned by Gutierrez. It was also found that the firm had done regular business with many companies owned by Gospic. The bug planted in Gutierrez's home allowed Rainbow to overhear Gutierrez's phone call to Gospic. The call detailed a plan for Gospic to introduce the nerve agent to the meat at Gospic's meat packing plants. The meat would then be distributed across the world and kill millions. On November 11, 2006, Rainbow successfully secured Gospic's meat packing plant in Pilar, Argentina and stopped the dispersal of the nerve agent.

With his plans foiled and now exposed to the authorities, Gospic went into hiding. Rainbow operative Kevin Sweeney reviewed Gospic's medical records and found out that Gospic had been diagnosed with liver cancer two years prior and could pass away at any time. As a result, Gospic wanted to leave a lasting legacy by reviving the global fascist movement. Sweeny suspected that Gospic was trying to jumpstart the movement by using nerve agents in order to spread terror across the globe.

Rainbow raided Gospic's estate on Cayman Brac on December 22, 2006, to find evidence of Gospic's whereabouts. While Rainbow was raiding the estate, an undercover Interpol employee contacted the authorities while at the Cayman Brac airport. He informed them of Gospic's plan to disperse the nerve agent in Rio de Janeiro. Before the employee could divulge more information, however, he was killed by Gospic's men. Rainbow was able to secure the airport and found aerosol equipment. Gospic had intended to use this equipment to disperse the nerve agent at the Festas Juninas celebrations in Rio in order to kill thousands of people.

On February 4, 2007, Rainbow found a garage in Rio that held the parade float that Gospic was intended to use to distribute the nerve agent. Additionally, they found evidence that Gutierrez would be onsite and successfully captured him. While interrogating Gutierrez, he revealed that Gospic's float was being prepared on a side street near the start of the parade route. The remainder of Gospic's forces would be guarding the float and the nerve agent would be distributed following the detonation of an explosion. Rainbow was able to stop the distribution of the nerve agent and neutralized Nikola Gospic once and for all.