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"Mining and salmon fishing used to be Nome's big industries. Now it's oil and supplying the Orpheus Research Center."
— Description

Nome is a map featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction. It is set in the Alaska region.


Nome is composed of three subzones: Gold Dredge, City Docks, and Nome Cannery.

Gold Dredge[]

City Docks[]

Nome Cannery[]

Map Layout[]

Discovery Points[]

Gold Dredge

Location Quote Image
Southeastern area, REACT tents along south side. "These military tents served as temporary labs until REACT finished building the airlicks." - Ash Gold Dredge DP 1 Map.jpeg
Gold Dredge DP 1.jpeg
Northern building, south side of upper floor, inspect the levers near the open window. "Those levers are over a hundred years old, abd I bet still work." - Thermite Gold Dredge DP 2 Map.jpeg
Gold Dredge DP 2.jpeg
Documents on the north wall of the Airlock between Gold Dredge and City Docks. "This device injects high-pressure Statis Foam into the Parasite sub-structure, blocking nutrient channels." - Mira Gold Dredge DP 3 Map.jpeg
Gold Dredge DP 3.jpeg
White machine on the north wall of the Airlock between Gold Dredge and City Docks. "They're testing to see if dialysis can clean Parasite toxins from the blood. Looks promising!" - Mira Gold Dredge DP 4 Map.jpeg
Gold Dredge DP 4.jpeg
Old conveyor belt machine east of extraction point outside of north building. "I'm told this old thing still works. Talk about robust engineering." - Ash Gold Dredge DP 5 Map.jpeg
Gold Dredge DP 5.jpeg

City Docks

Location Quote Image
Western room, inspect white machine with the yellow tube coming out of the top. "This purification plant uses lasers to vaporize water under high pressure, filtering all impurities down to the sub-atomic level." - INDEX City Docks DP 1 Map.jpeg
City Docks DP 1.jpeg
Western room, body bags in middle of the floor. "Even though we can predict the Parasite's dormant cycle 85% of the time, it's not good enough. Ask those two scientists." - Mira City Docks DP 2 Map.jpeg
City Docks DP 2.jpeg
Central area, look out the fence at the very north side. "The flight plan says they were trying to escape the Orpheus site. Imagine the Parasite going active at 25,000 feet!" - Thermite City Docks DP 3 Map.jpeg
City Docks DP 3.jpeg
Display case in center of the eastern building. "We know that the Parasite is attracted to some minerals and metals, but apparently gold is not one of them." - Ash City Docks DP 4 Map.jpeg
City Docks DP 4.jpeg
Documents on the east wall of Airlock between City Docks and Nome Cannery. "The Grunt is the most common Archaean unit possibly because it takes the least resources to create." - INDEX City Docks DP 5 Map.jpeg
City Docks DP 5.jpeg

Nome Cannery

Location Quote Image
Northwestern corner, look out the barrier towards the wind turbines. "Apparently the ocean is no impediment to the Parasite. We've got to assume it's moving along the bottom." - Ash Nome Cannery DP 1 Map.jpeg
Nome Cannery DP 1.jpeg
Southeastern corner, look at the Archaean structure breaking through the wall. "We've managed to implant sensors in all these bizarre structures. The ones we've found at least." - Mira Nome Cannery DP 2 Map.jpeg
Nome Cannery DP 2.jpeg
Located on wall outside southern Airlick. "All REACT equipment has clear and simple instructions to ensure smooth function in any environment." - REACT INDEX Nome Cannery DP 3 Map.jpeg
Nome Cannery DP 3.jpeg
Documents on north wall of the Airlock between Nome Cannery and Gold Dredge "At first we tried modifying spacecraft airlocks, but it turns out submarine locks are stronger." - Mira Nome Cannery DP 4 Map.jpeg
Nome Cannery DP 4.jpeg
White box in the center of the Airlock between Nome Cannery and Gold Dredge "3D spacial algorithims help REACT logistics pack all necessary equipment with 36% less wasted space." - REACT INDEX Nome Cannery DP 5 Map.jpeg
Nome Cannery DP 5.jpeg