Nuclear Reactor
Nuclear Reactor
Location Kozlodui, Bulgaria
Date July 22, 2008
01:00 Hours
Objective Prevent Uranium Theft by
Neutralizing Terrorists
Game Rainbow Six Black Arrow
Next mission Castle
Previous mission Streets of Milan
Nuclear Reactor is the fifth mission in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Black Arrow.


Apparently, terrorists stormed the Nuclear Plant. However, the odd element is that this nuclear reactor is suppose to be out of commission within the next ten years, as part of an agreement between the EU and the Bulgarian government for joining the union. There are numerous terrorists set up in positions, and most of the material inside the plant can be altered for weapon purposes. The terrorists are starting to transport the material, however, it's your job to intercept the shipment, and shut them out - permanently.


Mission 5 Alpha

John Clark - Prep yourselves for some urgent work, gentlemen. The situation has gone nuclear. This is the Kozlodui Nuclear Plant in Eastern Bulgaria. It's the oldest plant in the country, and it's not exactly up to modern safety standards. One of the off-the-books preconditions for Bulgaria joining the EU was that Kozludui be shut down within ten years. That process started this year.

Mission 5 Bravo

The Bulgarian government was set to start removing the plant's fuel rods later this week. Someone is trying to beat them to it. This morning, local security forces responded to an alarm at the plant. This is what they saw.

Mission 5 Charlie

We have confirmation that there are terrorists in the plant complex itself. There's an arsenal's worth of fissionable material in there that can be turned into weapons-grade plutonium, and they cannot be allowed to escape with it.

Mission 5 Delta

Your first objective will be to infiltrate the plant from the neighboring section of the city. You'll be going through this gate, here.

Mission 5 Echo

The tangos have already taken out the plant's main generator, which means you're going to be going through some areas where night vision will be useful. Here's a schematic of the core areas of the plant. Familiarize yourself with it and you'll have a tremendous advantage.

Mission 5 Foxtrot

You'll need to move into the lower sections of the plant, marked here, to intercept the route they're using to transport the fuel rods. Once you do so, your objective is simple: take the hostiles down.

Mission 5 Golf

This is a vital mission, gentlemen. What we are looking at is the largest attempted theft of uranium in history. that fuel pile could make a lot of bombs, go make sure that doesn't happen.

Mission success

John Clark - The plant is secure and the Bulgarians will be getting IAEC help in shutting it down all the way. This was too close, and no one wants to risk another incident like it. You may find this interesting, though - all of our hostiles check out as being from Russian republics on the Black Sea. Interesting.