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"Semi-automatic long range rifle with a very small magazine. Used by Spetsnaz."
— In-game description

The OTs-03 is a marksman rifle featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. It is available for use by Glaz. As a weapon exclusive to its Operator, the weapon comes with an irremovable Flip Sight by default.


The SVU (also known as the OTs-03) is a bullpup semi-automatic sniper rifle manufactured by the KBP Instrument Design Bureau that chambers the 7.62x54mmR round. The SVU is essentially an SVD Dragunov built in a bullpup configuration.

In-game, the OTs-03 is a high-powered marksman rifle with moderate recoil. With a high damage model, the OTs-03 is, however, held back by its small magazine size. Glaz's Flip Sight gadget enables a 4x zoom to take on medium-to-long-range targets. It includes distinctive thermal vision capabilities that highlight enemy operators in bright yellow. It can also see through smoke, provided Glaz stays stationary for a short amount of time. The rifle benefits immensely from the Muzzle Brake, which makes the gun considerably easier to control when fully magnified, but recoil is still considerable at long ranges.

The OTs-03 can wield a Suppressor to very little effect, with the only downside is that increases the survivability rate of a Heavy Armored Operator, especially one wearing Rook's Armor Plates. Similar to the CSRX 300, the OTs-03 is capable of piercing the Bulletproof Windows on the Presidential Plane.


  • High damage per shot
  • High destructive power/penetration
  • Flip Sight gadget
    • Thermal vision capabilities
    • Selectable 1x or 4x zoom levels
  • Can penetrate the Bulletproof Windows on the Presidential Plane map


  • Small magazine size
  • Low rate of fire
  • Little reserve ammo
  • Lacks grips
  • Noticeable recoil without proper attachments

Weapon Attachments[]


Learning Area[]

In the Cold Zero Situation, the player plays as the Operator Glaz equipped with an OTs-03 and a GSh-18 as a sidearm. The OTs-03 equipped with a Russian Red Dot Sight and a Suppressor.



Weapon Attachments[]

Weapon Skins[]



  • The Russian variant of the ACOG Scope was available on the Ots-03 in the Closed Beta version of Siege, and was removed for unknown reasons.[1]
  • Despite its in-game mobility stat of 36, the Ots-03 does not impact player movement speed at the slightest.

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