For the original mission in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six, see Operation Aztec Palace (Urban Ops).

Aztec Palace is the second mission of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Critical Hour. It is a retelling of Operation Aztec Palace from Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear.

Mission ObjectiveEdit

The Apocalyptic Cult has seized control of a library in Venice. Threatened to blow up the building. Secure and disarm the explosives in the library and eliminate all remaining terrorists.


John Clark - Aztec Palace was an operation in Venice. Members of a radical sect wired explosives in a library filled with priceless manuscripts, then threatened to set it off. The library was a tight space, difficult to maneuver in. And the team had to control its fire precisely. If we'd gone in guns blazing, we would have done the terrorists' work for them. Instead, we took them down.

Members of an apocalyptic cult, the Universal Harmony, mostly American coming from a fringe New Age cult out of New Mexico, had seized control of a Venetian library housing the Alberti collection, composed of rare medieval manuscripts. They had issued no demands, but our surveillance indicated that they'd set explosives in the building. Intel thought we had a mass suicide in the making.

Our job was to retake control of the library before they could blow it up. Since there were no hostages, the primary objective was to secure and disarm the bomb and then proceed to eliminate the remaining threats. The team composed of Chavez, Price, Loiselle and Weber had to make its way to the library from their insertion point, progressing through large open areas exposing them to sniper fire and ambushing.

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