Black Star is the sixth mission of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Critical Hour. It is a remake of Operation Black Star from Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six.

Mission Objective Edit

The traitor Anne Lang has hidden in a remote research station. Protected by Phoenix Group mercenaries. Eliminate the terrorists, capture Anne Lang, and take her to the extraction zone.


John Clark - Normally, we operate in interior spaces only. Close quarters combat - CQB - is Rainbows's specialty. But you can't always pick your spots. That's what happened with Operation Black Star, an outdoor capture mission. You can, however, use the ground you have. Once Weber was in place, it was all over... or so we thought.

The Phoenix Group had raided a research station in Brazil. Intel indicated that this raid was intended as cover for Anne Lang's disappearance. The Phoenix Group intend was to fake the abduction of Anne Lang, the traitor who betrayed us to the enemy, to allow her to go hiding before the Brahma virus release. the terrorists protecting Lang were waiting for reinforcements to arrive before moving Lang to an unknown location. We had to prevent this event and take Dr. Lang into custody.

The complete team, Chavez, Weber, Price and Loiselle, was dropped in the Brazilian Rainforest with the use of an helicopter. From the remote location, they made their way toward the raided research station, disposing of any opposition. they had to capture Anne Lang and bring her safely to the extraction zone near the bridge where the helicopter would pick them up. A tough plan considering the adverse conditions...

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