Operation Breakpoint is a mission in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Lockdown. It is the sixth mission on Xbox and the eighth mission on the PlayStation 2. Its PC counterpart is Docks. The multiplayer version of the map is Harbor.


John Clark - The intel we gathered from the GLF hideout indicated that there will be a major terrorist attack in Europe very soon. During interrogation, Mergen gave us info about an upcoming arms deal where the GLF will be purchasing weapons for this attack.

We've notified GIGN, and they've volunteered their best operatives to assist in this operation. Sebastien D'Amour will be leading a team alongside you. Michel Doré is a sniper with GIGN, and he'll be working with Weber. We're going to interrupt the arms deal and take everybody down.

These are your targets. Francos Rimbaud, an arms dealer who has worked with terrorist organizations like October Resistance and the Revolutionary Freedom Army. Herman Krieger, the leader of this terrorist cell. He's been involved with numerous terrorist groups, including the United Fatherland Brigade.

Intel believes that the deal will go down when Rimbaud arrives at the docks. Both men will be accompanied by bodyguards. Your orders are to capture Rinbaud and Krieger. Ding, you'll be taking Price, Raymond, and Yacoby. I'll be on site. Six out.

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