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Operation Burning Ash is an exclusive mission in the Urban Operations expansion of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear. The multiplayer version of the level is Nan-Ji Island.

It and Operation Scarlet Wheel are only available in the Korean version of the expansion.

Mission Objective:[]

One of the biggest sports game of the world, the 2002 World Cup, is held in Seoul. However, many terrorist groups are trying to use this game to exhibit their will. A group of terrorists has seized the World Cup main stadium and threatened to destroy it. Your mission is to neutralize all the terrorists and disarm the bombs.


John Clark - I'm glad you guys have done a good job again. Situation is so urgent so let's get down to the business. We received an anonymous call reporting the terrorists' attack on the main stadium in Korea. This stadium will hold the World Cup game. This Japanese terrorist group calls themselves "Dai Nippon Sei-Gi Koku-Sui Kai". They planted bombs all over the stadium and threatened to blow it up. Their demands are the release of its leader who was arrested in Tokyo, Japan's exclusive holding of the World Cup and an apology from the Japanese Emperor. As extreme nationalist terrorists, they will not hesitate to detonate the bomb in order to accomplish their goal. So, move fast and disarm the bombs.

Cho Hyung-Jin - According to Korean National Intelligence Services, this time bomb can be activated by remote control. As you were told at the mission briefing, these guys are very dangerous and unpredictable. You have two mission objectives this time. You have to not only disarm all the bombs, but also eliminate all terrorists. The stadium is a huge place so you may easily find the way to infiltrate inside. So take your time to build the appropriate plan.

Anonymous informant - I am a construction worker at the World Cup main stadium. When I finished my work at 9 o'clock, they raided in the stadium. I was lucky to escape, but other people were killed. They were wearing the same uniform as I was and armed with heavy weapons. Please avenge the death of my colleagues!

Mission Orders[]

Disarm the bombs installed in the stadium and neutralize the aggressors.