Operation Citadel is a mission in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Lockdown. It is the thirteenth mission on Xbox and the fifteenth mission on the PlayStation 2. Its PC counterpart is Mercenary Base.


John Clark - While you were wrapping up the job at Barcelona, we traced Vanderwaal to an old castle on Menorca, the smallest of the Balearic islands. Vanderwaal has a small army of terrorists there and they're all loyal to him.

Raid the GLF base under cover of darkness. Your objectives are to secure the area, locate the remainder of the nano virus and then capture Vanderwaal. Get it done people.

Ding, you'll be taking Lofquist, Loiselle, and Murad. Price, your leading Bravo-Two. You get McAllen, Raymond, and Yacoby. I'll be onsite. Six out.

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