For the original mission in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six, see Operation Cold Thunder (Rainbow Six).

Operation Cold Thunder is the second mission in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard.


Hutu Rebels in eastern Congo have captured a scientist working for Infinario Corporation, an American biotech firm.


James Danko - We've got a new job for your team, Gonzalez. The embassy thing had some tough twists and turns and you came through for us. Now you're heading into the eastern DR Congo, more or less a nonstop war zone for the lats 50 years. Our client is a major bio-tech firm called Infinario.

Control - Founded in 1979, Infinario Corporation currently employs over thirty-five-hundred employees worldwide. The company is headquartered in downtown San Francisco.

James Danko - Their star scientist, Dr. Catherine Winston, was taken hostage by armed guerrillas while doing research on the site. I'll let their CEO John Brightling fill you in.

John Brightling - You have to understand: Infinario doesn't do what we do solely to make money. Infinario's real mission is to make a better future for everyone. If people think we're naïve for saying so -- that's their problem.

James Danko - The village Winston was using as her base of operations was taken by a Hutu militia group yesterday. They're holding Winston inside a missionary school, which they've turned into a makeshift base of operations. We'll drop you just outside the village around 0500 hours local time. Your sole mission is to extract Catherine Winston. Do not engage the militia unless fired upon first.


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