Operation Deep Magic is the fifth mission of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Critical Hour. It is a remake of Operation Deep Magic from Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six.

Mission ObjectiveEdit

It is suspected that Horizon Corporation is linked to the Phoenix Group. Plans for the release of Brahma Virus to be found in John Brightling's office. Infiltrate the building and recover any vital data.


John Clark - Not every mission involved guns blazing. There were times when it was more important not to be seen. Operation Deep Magic was one of those - we needed flies and we couldn't let the tangos know we had them. Being seen even for a second would alert the entire building. Ding learned to move like a ghost. He had to.

Horizon Corporation had been linked to the Phoenix Group. John Brightling, the head of Horizon Corp, had been secretly bankrolling Phoenix while Anne Lang went underground to run political interference. Horizon's central computer system was believed to contain information about Phoenix plans to release the Brahma virus. As it was to be released imminently, we had to know where or hundreds of millions of lives were to be lost in the ensuing pendemy.

Alone, Chavez was inserted by helicopter on the roof of the Horizon building in downtown San Francisco and extracted the same way. He had to enter and leave the building completely undetected for useful intelligence to be gathered. Access to the computer was provided through a terminal in John Brightling's office on the top floor. In order to escape detection, Chavez had first to disabled the metal detector to move through the building. Following this feat, surveillance cameras and patrolling guards had to be avoided. USE OF DEADLY FORCE WAS NOT SANCTIONED ON THIS MISSION.

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