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For the original version of the mission, see Operation Deep Magic (Rainbow Six).

Operation Deep Magic is the eighth mission in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard. It is a remake of Operation Deep Magic from Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six.


Infinario Corporation's central computer system is located in its headquarters in downtown San Francisco. It contains all information about the activities of the Phoenix Group.


James Danko - Congratulations on another successful operation, Alpha Team. We've managed to create a cover story claiming that Doctor Winston died when Orca's Smile exploded. That will buy us some time. We were able to decrypt the message sent from Orca's Smile. That and Doctor Winston's information has led us directly to Phoenix's backers. I'll let her fill you in.

Dr. Winston - My team and I confirmed that the E.B. strain in Phoenix's possession could only have been weaponized in a lab. Currently, there is only one organization capable of pulling that off. And that organization is Infinario. A half hour after I confronted John Brightling with what I knew -- thugs were breaking down my apartment door. I can't believe this, but is seems that Infinario and Phoenix are working together.

James Danko - The decrypted message tells us Phoenix plans to release the virus in four days. The exact location is stored in Infinario headquarters' main server. That's where you're headed.

Control - Infinario headquarters are highly secured. You'll be dealing with lasers in elevator shafts, infra-red cameras and electronically secured gates. Luckily, all of these systems can be controlled from a single, central security room. Reach that, and you'll be able to shut it all down.

James Danko - You'll insert on the roof. After dealing with the security systems, you'll need to get inside Brightling's office in order to access the server. The skyscraper is also home to Global Security Systems, about 15 floors down. For now, we're not going to approach them for assistance in order to maintain operational security. That may or may not change as we move forward. Good luck, Alpha.