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Not to be confused with the map from Iron Wrath, Storage Facility.

Operation Diamond Edge is the ninth mission in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear. The multiplayer version of the level is Storage Facility.

Mission objective:[]

Nuclear weapons grade plutonium has been recovered during a RAINBOW interdiction operation in St. Petersburg. The material has been traced to a weapons storage facility near Murmansk. Your mission is to raid the facility and take control of any remaining fissile material.


John Clark - You hit the jackpot. Those suitcases contained almost two million dollars American, and enough plutonium to level a city.

The installation the material came from is a storage facility for tactical warheads used by the Russian navy. It's run by a Colonel Viktor Rudenko - who until yesterday had a perfect service record. The Kremlin publicly admits nothing, but privately they're extremely embarrassed. They've agreed to let RAINBOW shut Rudenko's operation down - that's how little confidence they have in their own forces. Be sure to bring the good colonel out alive - we'll want him for questioning.

Susan Holt - We've been afraid something like this would happen for a long time. The Russian military is coming apart at the seams. Some units haven't been paid for over a year. It was only a matter of time before there was a major security breach.

The Kremlin is taking a huge gamble in using RAINBOW for this operation. The only people who know about this are the president and a few of his closest aides. If this operation is botched, it'll bring down the government.

Mission Orders[]


Your objective is to locate the Colonel and escort him back to the extraction zone. If the alarm is raised Rudenko and his bodyguards will try to escape by car - keep all the escape routes covered. Be aware that the guards at the front gate can contact the main complex by telephone.

RAINBOW Intelligence[]

The following terms are used by the U.S. Defense Department to identify different classes of incidents involving nuclear weapons:

BROKEN ARROW - Theft, loss, or unauthorized detonation of a nuclear weapon.

BENT SPEAR - A major accident involving a nuclear weapon.

DULL SWORD - A major accident involving a nuclear weapon.

FARED GIANT - An accident involving a nuclear reactor or other non-explosive device.

ROGUE SPEAR - Possession of a nuclear weapon by non-governmental power.