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Operation Fire Walk is the first mission of Rainbow Six: Critical Hour.

Mission ObjectiveEdit

The Phoenix Group is running a secret biological warfare laboratory. Bent on unleashing the deadly Brahma virus. Gain control of the facility and retrieve any vital data.


John Clark - Operation Fire Walk was one of the deadliest situations Rainbow ever faced. Combat in a hot zone is never fun. Here's where Ding really came into his own as a leader. He could have lost his squad in a heartbeat, but he brought them through.

According to the information provided by an informant, the Phoenix Group, a terrorist organization bent on unleashing the deadly Brahma virus, was running a secret biological warfare laboratory in the state of Idaho in the Western United States. Intelligence gathered suggested that the leaders of the facility were present at the time of the operation. Their escape was to be prevented.

The Rainbow mission was to gain control of this facility by disposing of any opposition and recover all infectious agents. The team, composed of Chavez, Price, Weber and Loiselle, was to be inserted over the wall in the rear of the compound. From there, they had to make their way through the different buildings of the compound until they reached the laboratory and swiftly stopped the secret operation that was undertaken there.

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