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Operation Fire Walk is the seventh mission of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six. Its multiplayer counterpart is Bio Lab.

It was later added to Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear in the Urban Operations expansion.


Upon the questioning of Phoenix Group informant, Roland Kunst, RAINBOW has discovered an American branch of the Phoenix group operating in Idaho. Not only that, but the facility being run by the group is for biochemical testing on kidnapped people, who sufferer severe sickness and eventual death. RAINBOW is tasked with the objective of shutting down these operations, preventing any escape of the leaders with the samples of the virus.


John Clark - Our interrogations have finished with Mr. Kunst. This is much bigger than we thought. We've traced the laboratory supply house purchase records and it looks like Phoenix has set up a Level 4 biological containment facility less than thirty miles from Twin Falls. God only knows what they're doing in there, but the U.S. government has given us the sanction to go in and find out. It's not going to be a picnic. The only upside is that they won't be expecting you. If you're quick you might be able to take them down without firing a shot.

Anne Lang - I must urge caution. The only evidence we have that anything illegal is going on is the word of this Kunst character - I must say hardly the most reliable of witnesses. Please don't get me wrong - I have the greatest respect for Mr. Clark and this unit - but if any innocent civilians are injured in this ... precipitous raid, I'm afraid the White House will be forced to disavow all knowledge of your actions.

Catherine Winston - If this really is a Level 4 facility you'll need biohazard suits. Level 4 means the agent is airborne, highly contagious, and very, very deadly. If the integrity of one of your suits is compromised in any way then that's it ... game over.


The hotzone consists of one biochemical facility with a lot in the back and an entrance to the side. RAINBOW is inserted behind this building and two living quarters. Inside the facility there are two areas in which RAINBOW operatives MUST wear Bio-suits or the mission would automatically fail as the virus would spread. There are security cameras that cannot be deactivated and once RAINBOW is seen, the leaders will try to escape. Depending on the difficulty, terrorist leaders with virus samples will try to escape down a large street either by foot or by a jeep waiting outside, and the escape of the leaders results in an automatic failure. The only way to successfully complete the mission is to neutralize all terrorists (The higher the difficulty, the more terrorists will be added, and more leaders are present, meaning more people will try to escape)

Mission Objectives

All terrorists must be eliminated, but the leaders are the top priority. It is suggested the living quarters are cleared out first, then the jeep must be guarded to prevent leaders from escaping. The only possible ways to fail this mission is if all operatives die or if enemy leaders escape. While there are virus victims are present, they cannot be rescued since their exposure to the environment would cause a pandemic and their deaths are inevitable. This mission also begins to show Phoenix being the main antagonistic group of the game. No matter the difficulty, the objective will remain the same. The success of this mission shows RAINBOW operatives in the facility around a dead Phoenix member, while its failure shows an image of two Rainbow Operatives dead in the facility.

Enemy Resistance

Phoenix members are much more difficult and are no longer dressed as lightly armored workers. These terrorists have vests and assault rifles, and will not be afraid to flee for the jeep. It is suggested the jeep is guarded so escape is likely impossible. The leaders do not appear differently from the other terrorists, so be careful. There are however, unique models of Phoenix Group members with gas masks, but only in the biochemical rooms (as they would die without them). It is suggested to go around the facility the long way and enter the lot to avoid being seen by cameras and at least maintaining the element of surprise. Look out for members in the living quarters though, as they can snipe the player and his/her teammates through the window.

Biohazard Levels

Laboratory protocols group all biological hazards into four categories. The levels are designed in ascending order by degree of protection required for personnel working with the agent.

Level 1 - Agent not known to cause disease in healthy adults. No safety equipment required.

Level 2 - Agent may cause disease through injection, ingestion or mucous membrane exposure. Lab coats, gloves and face protection required.

Level 3 - Agent has potential for air-borne transmission; disease may have serious consequences. Requires protective lab clothing, gloves, and respirators.

Level 4 - Agent poses high risk of lethal disease through air-borne transmission. Requires full-body, air-supplied, positive pressure personnel suit.

RAINBOW operatives should note that when operating in the vicinity of a Level 4 agent, any breach of suit integrity may result in death, and any release of such an agent into the outside environment may have unforeseen and potentially serious consequences.


  • Another mission takes place near the same place and time after this one. RAINBOW doesn't have time to redeploy, so the surviving members of Fire Walk are the only members that can be selected in Winter Hawk (during the first campaign playthrough only).
  • While RAINBOW and the Phoenix units with biochemical protection are only supposed to enter the biochemical areas and live, Phoenix members without gasmasks can run in there as if they are immune.
  • This is the first mission with a getaway vehicle. Anyone in the way of the jeep if it is driving away suffers instant death.
  • In the Rouge Spear add-on, Urban Operations, this is the second mission of the classic campaign, and it is modified since its under the newer game. The leaders in this version are the ones with gas masks.
  • RAINBOW units with biosuits cannot even enter the biochemical areas if they are wounded, as the puncturing of the suit still results in contamination.
  • While being the second classic campaign mission on Urban Operations, it is the first mission of Rainbow Six: Critical Hour, a game which is some original and Rouge Spear missions under newer technology. In this game, Fire Walk is the first mission.
  • Being the first mission where hostages and bombs aren't present, players may either complete this mission with ease or have their reckless planning cause their failure.
  • In Rouge Spear, fleeing terrorists can be killed in the vehicle or the vehicle can be disabled itself, but in the original game, the moment a leader gets in a car they cannot be killed.