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Operation Fire Walk is the sixth mission in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard.


According to the information provided by Roland Kunst, the Phoenix Group is running a secret biological warfare laboratory in the state of Idaho in the western United States.


James Danko - Alpha Team, our interrogators have finished with Kunst. What we know is that Phoenix has set up a Level 4 biological containment facility less than thirty miles from Twin Falls, Idaho. The U.S. government has given us sanction to go in. But we've promised no civilian casualties. If there are, the White House may disavow any knowledge of our operation and we'll be in a world of hurt.

Dr. Winston - If this really is a Level 4 facility, you'll need biohazard suits. Level 4 means the agent is airborne, highly contagious, and extremely deadly.

Control - You'll be supplied with a specially designed biosuit that can be worn underneath your armor and equipment. A carbon nanotube mask will protect you from breathing in contaminants. These biosuits are a thousand times stronger than a standard hazmat suit, but you'll still be vulnerable. If the integrity of your suits is compromised in any way, you risk exposure - and whatever they have, we may not be able to treat it.

James Danko - It's not going to be a picnic. Keep in mind that no one can be allowed to depart this facility with an intact WMD. The only upside is that they won't be expecting you. You have to take them soon without firing a shot. If your presence is detected, Phoenix members carrying virus samples will try escape through the front gate. Your best option will be to jam their vehicles to prevent them from reaching the freeway a couple miles from the compound. We're counting on you, Alpha Team. Good hunting.


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