Operation Ghost Dance is the fifth mission in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six. Its multiplayer counterpart is Water Ride.


Neo-Marxist terrorists have taken over the Pirate Adventure ride at the World Park Amusement Park in Barcelona. Several tourists are being held hostage in the center of the attraction.


John Clark - Park security is contracted out to a private company called Global Security. They're also handling security at the summer games in Sydney next month so they want to keep publicity about this World Park incident to a minimum. The Spanish authorities and the park management feel the same way - this is a potential public relations nightmare for all of them. We go in, we get the kids, and we get out.


Park security have sealed off the attraction. You can access the attraction either by the main entrance or a back alley. The public areas of the park are connected by maintenance hallways and catwalks. Two new operatives have been assigned to your team. Park security has provided RAINBOW with heartbeat sensors around the perimeter.

Mission Objectives

Rainbow's objective is to rescue all the hostages. There are five of them. Two are grown men, one is a grown woman, one is a boy, and one is a girl. Their relationship  between each other is not mentioned, so it is unknown if they are family or not. On veteran or elite, the boy hostage  is somehow separated from the rest of the hostages. On veteran, one terrorist searches for him while two search for him on elite difficulty. If the terrorists find the boy, they will kill him, possibly because they believe he tried to escape. The player may either escort the hostages to the extraction zone or kill all the terrorists. The mission is a failure if a hostage is killed or if all RAINBOW operatives are killed. Succeeding in the mission shows an image of RAINBOW escorting the hostages, but failing shows an image of the terrorists aiming at the hostages. One male hostage is dead, while a terrorist is shown shooting the boy hostage. The rest of the hostages flinch due to the gunfire.

Enemy Resistance

The terrorists are lightly armed, and they patrol mostly around the first floor. The catwalks are lightly patrolled, and offer views down onto where the hostages are being kept. The higher the difficulty, the more terrorists there are, but since it is a small group of terrorists that are very disorganized, there are less than 15 terrorists on the hardest difficulty. They have no body armor and are not very bright. The only thing that makes this mission difficult is the large amount of hostages.


  • Although this mission has the least amount of terrorists (unless if comparing it on elite to Steel Wind on recruit), it also has the most amount of hostages, making it the easiest or most difficult mission depending on the player's skills.
  • When the boy or girl hostage are killed or wounded, the cry they may let out sounds like that of an adult.
  • In the novel, over 30 children were held captive and one terminally-ill Dutch girl was executed. This differs from the story because there are less hostages, adult hostages are present, and there is no word of executed hostages.
  • Although this was a public incident, John Clark states in the briefing section that publicity must be kept at a minimum since the security of WorldPark, Global Security, was to be the security provided during the Summer Olympics later in the game. This is proven true as a Newswire section regarding this mission after its completion is non-existent.
  • On veteran and Elite, this is the 2nd and final mission in which an undetected hostage is being searched for by terrorists and will be executed if found (the first being the ambassador in Steel Wind at any difficulty)
  • Force 10-18 is the first group to have female members that take part in their terror actions (the 2nd being Free Europe, but only in Red Wolf, not Steel Wind)
  • Force 10-18's organization bio found while planning this mission or anyone after is the only organizational bio in the game that uses pictures of real people.

Possible Glitches

On some versions of the game, there is a glitch which prevents the player from completing this mission without cheating. The glitch limits the amount of terrorists spawning in the map, which leaves most of it unprotected.

However, the glitch also removes one of the hostages, leaving four behind. Since all of the hostages must be escorted to the safe zone, this renders the mission un-completable.

If this happens to you, then you can enter debug mode via the console , on the PC version, and force the mission to end.




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