Infinite Seven is the fourth mission of Rainbow Six: Critical Hour. It is a remake of Operation Infinite Seven.

Mission ObjectiveEdit

Marxist revolutionaries are fleeing to their HQ in the warehouse district. Civilians in danger. Eliminate the terrorists and rescue the hostages.


John Clark - Operation Infinite Seven was another takedown. This time, it was Mexico City. With snipers in the windows, the team had to keep moving. Or lay down enough cover fire to buy Weber time to take his shot. Unfortunately, he's good at that.

Marxist revolutionaries had raided an international economic summit in Mexico City. After being driven back by police forces, the terrorists had retreated to their headquarters in a neglected warehouse district near downtown where their leaders had amassed a large weapon cache that they intended to use against the law enforcement forces.

The team, consisting of Chavez, Price, Loiselle and Weber, had the prime objective of finding the weapon cache and securing it. Following this task, they had to flush the rest of the terrorists out and neutralize them. The Rainbow had to watch their sixes in there; it was a real hamster run. The terrorists were heavily fortified and expecting the assault. Silenced weapons had helped retain some element of surprise, but for the most part, the team had to be ready for ambushes at any time. To add danger to the situation, police information told us that civilians could be found in there. Civilian casualty was not an option.

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