Operation Leviathan is a mission in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Lockdown. It is the seventh mission on Xbox and the ninth mission on the PlayStation 2. Its PC counterpart is Channel Ferry.


John Clark - The GLF must've guessed that you would try to interrupt the arms deal. Krieger and Rimbaud hijacked a channel ferry headed for England. The authorities received a radio message from Krieger. There is a bomb on the ferry. If any rescue attempt is made, they'll detonate the bomb, killing everyone onboard.

Your going in. Disarm the bomb and rescue the hostages. Secure the ferry and take Krieger and Rimbaud down, dead or alive. Sweep and clear people.

Ding you'll be taking McAllen, Raymond, and Yacoby. Weber will furnish sniper support. Weber this is the worst storm in recent memory and its 1 o'clock in the damn morning. You always talk about how you're the best there is. Prove it. I'll be your on-site coordinator. Six out.

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