For the original, see Operation Mystic Tiger (Rainbow Six).

Operation Mystic Tiger is the eleventh mission in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard.


John Brightling and the last remnants of the Phoenix Group have barricaded themselves inside the Infinario Ark in Brazil.


James Danko - Alpha Team, you succeeded against enormous odds. The entire world is in your debt. We have one more mission to accomplish. Brightling and the remaining elements of the Phoenix Group have barricaded themselves inside Infinario's Ark in the Brazilian Amazon. We need to take control of the Ark and neutralize all occupants who offer us resistance.

Control - The facility itself is divided into tow parts. One is the glass domes containing the experimental eco-system -- the public face of the Ark. The second part of the Ark is built into the side of a mountain. That's the shelter where Brightling and the rest of the Phoenix Group members are hiding.

James Danko - According to Infinario records, the only remaining cultures of the mutated E.B. virus are stored inside the Ark. Once you clear the building, a biohazard team will sweep through and destroy the remaining virus. That's it.

Dr. Winston - On a personal note, I'm deeply grateful to all of you for this. Brightling used my research, and that of my colleagues to perpetrate... sheer evil. It makes me sick thinking about it... I can't thank you enough for ending this nightmare.

James Danko - And I think Doctor Winston speaks for all of us here as well. Good luck, Alpha Team.


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