For the original mission in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six, see Operation Razor Ice (Rainbow Six).

Razor Ice is the third mission of Rainbow Six: Critical Hour.

Mission ObjectiveEdit

The Phoenix Group has abducted Dr. Winston and taken refuge on hijacked freighter. Threatened to blow up the ship and kill the hostage. Disarm the bomb and rescue Dr. Winston.


John Clark - Razor Ice was an extraction operation near our home base at Hereford, England. Our objective was being held captive onboard a ship at sea near Southampton. Any slip-ups on our part and she would have been killed. That ship was a deathtrap. Every corner was a potential ambush. For us - or for them.

The abduction of Dr. Winston was the result of a betrayal - from an unknown source at the time mission. There was no way Phoenix could have known Catherine was working for us. Fortunately, they botched the operation - they killed a passing patrol officer when they made their getaway. Scotland Yard trailed them to Southampton, but given our knowledge of Phoenix we've been tapped for the actual takedown. the Phoenix Group had kidnapped Dr. Winston from her hotel and taken her aboard the freighter Orca's Smile which was heading toward international waters.

Chavez and Price were selected to accomplish this mission. Using an inflatable boat, they had been inserted at the stern of the slow moving ship. The terrorists had threatened to blow the vessel up if a boarding attempt was made. the bomb had to be disarm before proceeding to deliver Dr. Winston. Moving without being detected was of the essence as it was imperative to bring Dr. Catherine Winston back alive. Before her disappearance she was on the verge of cracking this whole virus thing wide open.

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