Operation Red Scythe is a mission in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Lockdown. It is the twelfth mission on Xbox and the fourteenth mission on the PlayStation 2. Its PC counterpart is NATO Summit.


John Clark - The GLF attacked the NATO Summit. Bill Tawney was there and he sent us an encrypted message. He's been taken hostage. The nano-virus is onsite and Vanderwaal's men are going to use it to kill the world leaders. Tawney says they've got cameras. We think they're going to broadcast the deaths.

The intel you hacked out of Vanderwaal's computer gave us a head start. If you hadn't gotten your hands on it, it might already be too late. You may have bought us just enough time to save them. This is the terrorist they've been planning for months. They're going to infect the leaders of the free world with Legion and show it world-wide via satellite. They want to horrify the world into submission.

Infiltrate the building, disable the satellite, and secure the nano-virus. Just so you understand. If they deploy Legion inside the building, we will have to seal it off. Nobody enters, nobody leaves.

Ding, your taking Murad, McAllen, and Yacoby. I'll be onsite. Six out

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