Operation Sandstorm is a mission in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Lockdown. It is the ninth mission on Xbox and the eleventh mission on the PlayStation 2. Its PC counterpart is Algeria.


John Clark - We interrogated Yazhov but he doesn't know who set up the hit. All he knows is the name of the gun runner who supplied the weapons for the job. The guys name is Faisal Amidan and he's on the Algerian government's top ten most wanted list. Amidan works out of a desert town called Malzir.

We know that Amidan's out for the day so you're going to search his apartment. Get us some information we can use. He uses members of the GLF as his bodyguards. This cell is heavily armed and they might make things difficult for you. So on this operation we're going to be using secondary and tertiary extraction points.

This area is extremely dangerous. Extraction of wounded or captured operatives will not be possible. Anyone who goes down gets left behind. Period. Just get the information. Clients, names, and addresses. Then get to the extraction point immediately.

Ding, you'll be taking Loiselle, Price, and Raymond. Weber will furnish sniper support. Alistair Stanley will be your on-site coordinator. Six out.

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