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Operation Scarlet Wheel is an exclusive mission in the Urban Operations expansion of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear. The multiplayer version of the level is Subway Station.

It and Operation Burning Ash are only available in the Korean version of the expansion.

Mission Objective:[]

A group of Korean mafia has seized the city hall subway station in Seoul and threatens to kill hostages. Your mission is to rescue all the hostages and bring them safely to the extraction zone.


John Clark - Thanks to the Korean government's declaration of war against crime in the 1990s, criminal organizations began to disappear from the society one by one. However, as their leaders are released from the prison, they are trying to bring their old organization back. Some of them are even smuggling illegal weapons from the third world countries. Korean Mafia, one of the biggest organizations, is now challenging the authority of the government and demanding release of their key members from the prison by threatening the safety of Korean citizens.

Cho Hyung-Jin - Since most Korean male citizens receive standard military training as a duty, they are highly trained for combat. And the Korean Special Forces are one of the most lethal forces in the world. Since the Korean Mafia has some of former Korean Special Forces members, their close quarter combat ability may be equal to that of our teams. So, you have to be very fast and cautious dealing with them. We are informed by the recon team that hostages are divided in several groups and located in separated places. I believe, terrorists want to disperse our attack power and prevent the rescue effort. So, you need to build a precise attack plan. Good luck.

Mission Orders[]

Unknown number of civilians and station crews are held as hostages somewhere in the station. Terrorists are probably guarding them. Rescue all the hostages and bring them safely to the extraction zone.