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For the remake of the mission, see Operation Sun Devil (Shadow Vanguard).

Operation Sun Devil is the fourth mission in the Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six. The multiplayer version of the level is Hacienda.

It was added to Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear in the Urban Operations expansion.


American and Brazilian nationals have been kidnapped from a Horizon construction site in the Amazon Rainforest. They are being held nearby at the stronghold of one Ramon Calderon, a known drug trafficker. Your mission is to terminate Calderon's operation with minimum civilian losses.


John Clark - Dr. Lang is the U.S. Presidential Science Advisor. She and Mr. Brightling can fill you in on the details of the Rainforest 2000 project. Basically what we've got is a drug lord who doesn't like having a government installation going up in his backyard. The U.S. and Brazilian authorities have asked us to shut him down.

John Brightling - Most of the trouble has been on the construction site of The Ark. That's the centerpiece of our whole operation. The Ark is designed to be an airtight, self-contained biosphere - the earth in miniature, as it were. If we can learn to live responsibly in an ecosystem the size of a city block, maybe we can do a better job with the rest of the planet.

Anne Lang - John has briefed me on your previous operation. Very impressive. As you are no doubt aware, the current administration has a strong commitment to the environmental issues. Over the past four years we've launched a number of initiatives that partner corporations with conservationists to encourage earth-friendly economic development. The Rainforest 2000 Project provides incentives for companies to develop sites in the Amazon River basin. Horizon has commited millions of dollars to build several state-of-the-art research stations to hunt for new pharmaceuticals in the tremendous biological diversity of the rainforest. Now with the trouble this man Calderon has been causing, work has completely stopped. It's terribly frustrating to see an important project like this held hostage by a band of common thugs.


American and Brazilian workers have been kidnapped from the Horizon research station. They are being kept in the hacienda of a former sugar plantation. The building is being patrolled by guards with automatic weapons. The workers are being kept in the basement, and Calderon is in his bedroom on the second floor.

Mission Objectives

Rainbow's objective is to rescue the workers no matter what. On veteran and elite difficulty, RAINBOW must kill Ramon Calderon. There are two hostages in every difficulty, and these terrorists are not very trigger happy, so they will not execute the hostages if they hear gunfire. They will only execute hostages if they see a RAINBOW operative. This mission is more layed back than other hostage missions, since the hostage guards are deep within the house and there is no bomb or fleeing terrorists. The only mission failure conditions are if a worker is killed or if all RAINBOW operatives are killed. To complete the mission, RAINBOW must rescue the hostages by killing all the terrorists or escorting the workers to the extraction zone (all difficulties) and to execute Ramon Calderon (veteran and elite). The player may still kill Calderon on recruit, but it is not required for the completion of the mission. Calderon is wearing a red jacket and pants with a white shirt. He is a bit larger than the other terrorists, making him slightly easier to hit, but he carries a powerful machine pistol which has a better chance of piercing body armor. Successfully completing the mission shows an image of RAINBOW operatives escorting the workers out of the basement (One of the operatives is Genedy Filatov. However, he is not a playable character until Operation Ghost Dance, the next mission in the story.). Failing the mission results in an image of several dead RAINBOW operatives in front of a wall with several bullet holes appears.

Enemy Resistance

Heavily armed guards patrol the outside and inside of the hacienda. This is the first RAINBOW mission where almost half of the  terrorists are armed with fully automatic assault rifles. The AK-47s the terrorists are using are capable of piercing some body armor and of hitting targets from longer distances. The two outside guards patrol around the building in opposite directions, meeting at the front at back. This means there are two chances to get inside without being spotted. There are patrols on each side of the house, and there are two balconies. One overlooks the front area, the other overlooks the rear.

Using un-silenced weapons outside can draw large crowds of guards outside, which can lead to a shootout. In the inner courtyard of the house, guards can snipe from the second floor balconies. Be careful of guards hiding behind doors, especially when entering the house. Drawing the crowd outside may decrease resistance, and the hostages still will not be executed, but the player may risk more casualties for his or her team is he or she chooses to do this. Terrorist amounts increase if a higher difficulty is chosen. Corners are tight once you get inside. The basement is where the hostages are being guarded. Eliminate the terrorists on that floor level quickly to ensure hostage safety.

Remember that the target, Ramon Calderon, is armed. He does not have to be killed on recruit difficulty.


  • During the successful mission image, the operative Genedy Filatov appears, but he cannot be played as at that point in the game if that mission is being done for the first time in campaign, since he is acquired in the next mission. He can, however, be played as on any mission as long as the player completes Ghost Dance, even though (story-wise at least) he was not active in RAINBOW at that time.
  • This is the only mission that has a named enemy individual who is hostile upon sight, the person being Ramon Calderon.
  • Calderon's guards are technically not terrorists, for they do not hold hostages, plant bombs, and/or make demands. They are merely drug dealers, and they only kidnapped the workers since Calderon considered them to be on his property. Their actions, though, are still very illegal.
  • In the Rouge Spear add-on, Urban Operations, this is the first mission of the classic campaign. The classic campaign features newly modified versions of the classic missions under the newer Rouge Spear engine.
  • Calderon's skin is used for hostages in the Eagle Watch Mission Pack.