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Operation Ursa Cavern is the final mission of the Iron Wrath expansion for Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield. The custom mission name of the level is Military Installation.


The last remnants of the terrorist organization responsible for smuggling the scientists have been traced to a disused Russian military installation in Vorkuta, Siberia. The terrorists are preparing to abandon the site with equipment for making a nuclear device. Your mission is to prevent them from escaping and to secure the base and its contents.


Your mission is to eliminate all terrorists and capture their leader. Be aware that the site is well guarded by the ex-Spetsnaz officers. Intelligence reports approximately 30 terrorists in the premise, they are mainly concentrated in the shed and the ground floor of the communication center. Be cautious and don't forget to watch out for open areas from snipers.


John Clark - The net is closing, but the animal's still dangerous. The trail leads back to a decommissioned military base in Siberia. We've done some aerial reconnaissance, and it seems clear: They're packing up to leave. We can't allow that. If the men we're hunting down escape and take their bomb-making equipment with them then this will all start up again soon. We have a chance to deliver the knockout punch, and I don't intend to let that slip away.

The men we're facing are ex-Spetsnaz, which means they're better than good. The Russians don't want to send their own boys in I think they're afraid that their anti-terror units might have too many friends on the other side so we've been asked to do the dirty work. The Russians will be kind enough to lock down the perimeter, but that's as far as they'll go. The rest is up to you.

One last note: Take the leader alive. We'll turn him over to the Russians, of course, but in the meantime we need to make sure that there's no more chemical or biological stockpiles out there, and that he doesn't have any friends who are going to carry on his work. Tie up all of the loose ends, gentlemen. good luck.

Kevin Sweeney - Pavlograd was an unqualified success. We've got their best men and their best shot at seizing nuclear fuel, and that means they're on the defensive. None of the prisoners are talking, but we've coordinated with the Russians and checked their service records, and it seems that every last one of them spent time serving at a base in Siberia. The base itself has been decommissioned for years, but someone at the Chamber of Accounts in Moscow ran across some numbers saying they were still being supplied. I think you can do the math from here.

Now the Russians have been kind enough to give us overflight privileges, and our recon indicates that the boys at Vorkouta know they've been compromised. They're packing up to head out, and they're taking their bomb-making equipment with them. if that happens, the whole cycle starts again, and we may not be able to locate them in time. The only option we have is to catch them now.