For the original mission, see Operation Wild Arrow (Rainbow Six).

Operation Wild Arrow is the tenth mission in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard.


The Phoenix Group has planted virus-release devices in the air circulation system under the Tricesimus Stadium in London, UK.


James Danko - Alpha Team, our interrogators managed to pinpoint the locations of the virus-delivery devices from Hendrickson. They're hidden in the air-circulation system underneath Tricesimus Stadium.

Control - The stadium was built especially for the Games, with a capacity of eighty thousand. Turns out Infinario donated time and labor to the stadium's construction.

James Danko - Because of the complex legal and political situation, there will be no time to evacuate the stadium. You'll have to infiltrate and disarm the devices, which are inside the main ventilation collectors, all of which are tied into the computerized climate control system. The operation will happen in two stages: one, you'll have to shut down the computer system that regulated climate and ventilation. Two, you'll have a sixty-second window to disable the actual devices.

Control - Bravo team will be with you on this one. If you tamper with the devices before the computer system is shut down... or you miss your window, the virus will be automatically released. We also understand that members of Phoenix are on site disguised as GSS -- they're doing security for the games. USe of deadly force is authorized.

James Danko - One more thing, Alpha Team.

Dr. Winston - It's not an understatement to say the entire world is counting on Rainbow this time. Good luck!


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