Operation Zero Gambit is the seventh mission of Rainbow Six: Critical Hour.

Mission ObjectiveEdit

A Russian mercenary group has taken control of a nuclear plant. Threatened to create meltdown and kill millions. Eliminate the terrorists and prevent a nuclear disaster.


John Clark - In the end, it kept on coming down to nukes. It also came down to us making sure the nukes didn't get used. Zero Gambit was as desperate a fight as the team had ever seen. Ex-military terrorists had holed up in a nuclear plant and were threatening to kick-start a meltdown. Not good, as they say. Our job was to stop them before half the Ukraine went bye-bye. No one can ever know we were there, or how close they came. And that's the way it has to be. Always.

Operation Zero Gambit. Maxim Kutkin, a notorious criminal that had always eluded our capture attempts, and a small group of his followers had seized the Cherkasy Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine. He'd been issuing demands nonstop as soon as his men stormed the plant, but none of them made any sense. it's obvious that he had gone off the deep end. they were threatening to shut off its cooling system, triggering a reactor meltdown. If he had the chance to carry out his threat we'd be talking a virtual rerun of Chernobyl - tens of thousands of square miles of Ukrainian countryside contaminated with radioactive waste.

The Rainbow team, consisting of Chavez, Price, Loiselle and Weber, had to retake the plant and neutralize the terrorists before they could initiate the meltdown. The cooling system could be shut down from either of two control rooms at opposite ends of the plant. They had to be secured one after the other. Kutkin's med had the opportunity to contact the Control Room on a regular basis, so the assault had to be carefully planned not to tip them off. Information told us that some plant workers were still in the area, so the team had to watch out for innocent bystanders. I wished my men Good luck, and Godspeed for they would be alone in there...


John Clark - That is Rainbow's past. A legacy of honor, of courage, of duty, and of skill.

It rests on your shoulders to continue that legacy. Those men and women never made a mistake, not when it continued. And I know that someday my successor will be able to say the same of you.

They're all yours. Ge make me proud.

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