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"'Oregon' depicts an assault on a fortified survivalist compound. It feels rustic, eclectic and lived-in, and covers a vast, spread out layout requiring adapted tactics to sweep and hold effectively."
— Ubisoft Description

Oregon is a map featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. It is set in an old survivalist compound in Redmond, Oregon.

The map was reworked with the release of the Operation Void Edge expansion.


  • Bomb
    • 2F Main Dorms Hall and 2F Kids Dormitory
    • 1F Dining Hall and 1F Kitchen
    • 1F Meeting Hall and 1F Kitchen
    • B Laundry Room and B Supply Room
  • Secure Area
    • 2F Main Dorms Hall
    • 1F Dining Hall
    • 1F Meeting Hall
    • B Laundry Room
  • Hostage
    • 2F Main Dorms Hall
    • 1F Kitchen
    • 1F Meeting Hall
    • B Supply Room

Map Layout[]


The original version of the map is used for Situation 09: Neutralise Cell. In this Situation, you play as IQ. This map is similar to regular Terrorist Hunt except for that it contains no reinforced room and only one bomber[confirmation needed]. The map also contains an excess of traps, filled to the brim with Nitro Cells, in order to teach the player how to use IQ's gadget.

The main focus of this map is enemy traps and IQ's gadget.





  • The design of the map bears some similarities with the Mount Carmel Center in Texas destroyed in the 1993 Waco Siege.
  • A sketch of the overhead view of 1F in Hereford can be found on a whiteboard in the Meeting Hall, accompanied with arrows pointing at key locations, names of positions, and the phrase "87 DAYS" written in marker pens.
  • This area was the first of what would be two other maps foreshadowing the Outbreak Event. This map contains the link to the first "leak".