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REACT Logo.png "A lot of eyes are on us this time, especially since we have poor intel."
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"A research center studying astro-sciences and the Eurydice meteor, who knows what tech-giant Orpheus was up to here?"
— Description

Orpheus Research Center is a map featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction. It is set in the Alaska region.


Orpheus Research Center is composed of three subzones: Employee Quarters, Observatory, Mission Control.

Employee Quarters[]


Mission Control[]

Map Layout[]

Discovery Points[]


Location Quote Image
Look at the fence to the south at the Extraction point. "It can get down to -60 degrees Celsius up here. You've got to dress warm to go outside." - Thermite Observatory DP 1 Map.jpeg
Observatory DP 1.jpeg
Large observation room, top floor looking towards the structure in the middle from the southwest side. "Since their mainframe crashed, we can only roughly determine what they we're looking at: the Oort cloud past Pluto." - Ash Observatory DP 2 Map.jpeg
Observatory DP 2.jpeg
Medical container on the ground of hallway in Airlock between Observatory and Mission Control. "The Hot-Zone presents a unique infection risk. Injuries must be cleaned and dressed immediately." - Mira Observatory DP 3 Map.jpeg
Observatory DP 3.jpeg
REACT Door diagram on wall of Airlock between Observatory and Employee Quarters. "To slow the spread of the Archæans, we install secure REACT doors throughout every Hot-Zone." - Thermite Observatory DP 4 Map.jpeg
Observatory DP 4.jpeg
Scissorlift in the southwest corner of the area in the Airlock between Observatory and Mission Control. "Replacement and additional construction supplies are positioned in at least one location inside the Hot-Zone." - REACT INDEX Observatory DP 5 Map.jpeg
Observatory DP 5.jpeg

Mission Control

Location Quote Image
Northeast room. Look at the Orpheus logo. "In Greek myth, Orpheus was the son of a muse and had magical musical abilities." - REACT INDEX Mission Control DP 1 Map.jpeg
Mission Control DP 1.jpeg
Northwest corner, look towards the window with the meteorite outside it. "Records say that meteor was dug up in Antarctica, and the Parasite isn't all over it. Interesting." - Thermite Mission Control DP 2 Map.jpeg
Mission Control DP 2.jpeg
Central rectangular room, look up towards the large globe hanging in the center of the room. "Orpheus is a huge tech company with interests in biotech, quantum computers, and hugh speed satellite internet." - Ash Mission Control DP 3 Map.jpeg
Mission Control DP 3.jpeg
Southern room on the lower floor, the Archaean spike in the middle of the area. "Those ceiling aberrations are ultra-dense and heavy. We have no idea how they stay up." - Mira Mission Control DP 4 Map.jpeg
Mission Control DP 4.jpeg
Rooter diagram on east wall of the Airlock between Mission Control and Employee Quarters. "The Rooter's underground 'root-claws' function as both a defense and to collect raw materials from the soil." - REACT INDEX Mission Control DP 5 Map.jpeg
Mission Control DP 5.jpeg

Employee Quarters

Location Quote Image
Westmost room, telescope looking out the windows. "This is aimed at the moon's dark phase transit. Someone aas trying to see the moon's dark side." - Ash Employee Quarters DP 1 Map.jpeg
Employee Quarters DP 1.jpeg
Large central room, diagram of REACT Autotracker gun on west wall. "These clever Autotrackers position themselves inside Parasite nests. We get great data, and you don't get messy." - Mira Employee Quarters DP 2 Map.jpeg
Employee Quarters DP 2.jpeg
Large central room, large structure with sprawl on it right in the center of the room. "Apparently this thing 'sings' different frequencies depending on the phase of the moon." - Mira Employee Quarters DP 3 Map.jpeg
Employee Quarters DP 3.jpeg
Northeast corner room, look at the vehicle lift from underneath it. "Tracked vehicles are the only way to get around when winter hits. And if it's bad, even they get stuck." - Thermite Employee Quarters DP 4 Map.jpeg
Employee Quarters DP 4.jpeg
Eastern entertainment room, the large Rabbid mosaic on the wall. "They had people stationed up here for 5, 6 months. They would need all the entertainment they could get." - Thermite Employee Quarters DP 5 Map.jpeg
Employee Quarters DP 5.jpeg


  • This was the first map revealed for the game.