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Outback is a map featured in the Operation Burnt Horizon expansion for Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege.[1]




  • At EXT Fuel Pumps, a sign for Trials Fusion, another Ubisoft game, can be seen across the street, outside of the playable area.
    • Motorcycles and cars can be seen driving past in the background behind the sign once in a while, referencing both the gameplay of Trials Fusion and the trailer for Operation Burnt Horizon.
  • AT EXT Camping, a sign saying "Creatures of Australia" can be seen outside of the playable area.
    • Kangroos can be seen hopping in the background behind the sign once in a while.
  • In 1F Restaurant, a cake with the Ubisoft logo, 20 in candles, and the words "Happy Birthday" can be found. Destroying the cake reveals the plate, which has a barcode sticker saying "Made in Montreal" and "1997-2017". The cake commemorates the 20th anniversary of Ubisoft Montreal.
  • Hats in the style of the character Mick Dundee's hat in Crocodile Dundee can be found around the map.
    • Posters saying "This is not a knife" and showing a folding knife can be found on the map, a reference to the quote "That's not a knife" from Crocodile Dundee, as well as the painting The Treachery of Images.
  • At EXT Fuel Pumps, a fallen tree outside of the playable area has a piece of cracked bark that can be shot at, which breaks off the bark and reveals a hollow interior containing three statues of Rabbids, from Ubisoft's Raving Rabbids franchise.
  • The name of a building on the map, Hanley's Roadhouse, is believed to be a reference to Timothy Hanley, another Australian SASR character from early Rainbow Six games.[2]
  • Fuel stations at EXT Fuel Pumps display "0040", "2018", and "0R60" on their counters. Combined with the "Total Sale" marker underneath "0040", the numbers can be read as a reference to Rainbow Six Siege (0R60) achieving 40 million total players in 2018.[3]
  • A marking of Kilroy was here can be found on the Mechanical Bull on 2F.


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