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"Set in Australia’s Red Heart, this map is an homage to all the dusty service stations and motels that populate the forgotten highways of the continent, places filled with hardworking locals and specialty menu items you’ll find nowhere else."
— Ubisoft Description

Outback is a map featured in the Operation Burnt Horizon expansion for Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege.[1]

Features[edit | edit source]

  • Bomb
    • 2F Games Room and 2F Laundry Room
    • 2F Party Room and 2F Office
    • 1F Nature Room and 1F Bushranger Room
    • 1F Gear Store and 1F Compressor Room
  • Secure Area
    • 2F Dorms
    • 2F Office
    • 1F Kitchen
    • 1F Garage
  • Hostage
    • 2F Laundry Room
    • 2F Office
    • 1F Nature Room
    • 1F Convenience Store

Map Layout[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • At EXT Fuel Pumps, a sign for Trials Fusion, another Ubisoft game, can be seen across the street, outside of the playable area.
    • Motorcycles and cars can be seen driving past in the background behind the sign once in a while, referencing both the gameplay of Trials Fusion and the trailer for Operation Burnt Horizon.
  • AT EXT Camping, a sign saying "Creatures of Australia" can be seen outside of the playable area.
    • Kangroos can be seen hopping in the background behind the sign once in a while.
  • Towards the Northwest of the map, a depiction of Uluru can be seen.
  • In 1F Restaurant, a cake with the Ubisoft logo, 20 in candles, and the words "Happy Birthday" can be found. Destroying the cake reveals the plate, which has a barcode sticker saying "Made in Montreal" and "1997-2017". The cake commemorates the 20th anniversary of Ubisoft Montreal.
  • Hats in the style of the character Mick Dundee's hat in Crocodile Dundee can be found around the map.
    • Posters saying "This is not a knife" and showing a folding knife can be found on the map, a reference to the quote "That's not a knife" from Crocodile Dundee, as well as the painting The Treachery of Images.
  • A movie poster parodying Mad Max, called Dystopian Outback can be found hanging up in 1F Back Entrance and 2F Games Room.
  • Signs advertising "Raptoil" show an image of a Velociraptor, upon closer inspection, it appears to be a flipped image of the Jurassic World Velociraptor Echo figure by Hasbro.
  • At EXT Fuel Pumps, a fallen tree outside of the playable area has a piece of cracked bark that can be shot at, which breaks off the bark and reveals a hollow interior containing three statues of Rabbids, from Ubisoft's Raving Rabbids franchise.
  • The name of a building on the map, Hanley's Roadhouse, is believed to be a reference to Timothy Hanley, another Australian SASR character from early Rainbow Six games.[2]
  • Fuel stations at EXT Fuel Pumps display "0040", "2018", and "0R60" on their counters. Combined with the "Total Sale" marker underneath "0040", the numbers can be read as a reference to Rainbow Six Siege (0R60) achieving 40 million total players in 2018.[3]
  • A marking of Kilroy was here can be found on the Mechanical Bull on 2F.

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