Paulie Baker is a character featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, appearing in The Hammer and the Scalpel CGI Trailer. He is the younger brother of Mike Baker.


Not much is currently known about Paulie. It can be inferred that he has a long problem with gather debit though it is unknown why. Following a "misunderstanding" with a man named Nick, Paulie was beaten up and thrown into the harbor. He was later found by his brother, Mike, who brought Paulie to his boat, the Iron Maggie.

Paulie later wakes up to see his brother working on his boat. He then questions why his brother was there, asking if his brothers "retirement plans come to shite"? Ignoring the question, Mike insists Paulie to tell him who beat him. Paulie responds by stating that it was Nick who had beaten him and that he owed him £5000. Mike sighs at this, prompting Paulie to beg his brother not to seek vengeance. Despite his brother's pleas, Mike visited the nearby pub where Nick was located, paid his brother's debt, and then severely beat Nick and his gang in a brawl.


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