Peja Sicic is a character that appears in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield.


During World War II Peja Sicic and Dejan Blazevic were high ranking members of the Nazi-sponsored Ustashe Regime in Croatia. Sicic and Blazevic managed to systematically liquidate assets from countless Holocaust victims. In 1945, they hid all evidence of their actions and escaped the country with millions of dollars worth of holocaust assets before the Allied armies arrived in the capital. Sicic fled to Venezuela while Blazevic traveled to the Cayman Islands and changed his name to Nikola Gospic.

By 2005, Sicic's background was exposed. He was subsequently in the process of being deported from Venezuela to be charged for his war crimes back in Croatia. Gospic grew paranoid over this as he feared Sicic would expose him and ruin his plans to revive fascism across the globe. On November 30, 2005, Gospic sent members of the People's Social Nationalist Party to plant bombs at an oil refinery in Amuay, Venezuela and demand the end of deportation proceedings against Sicic. Despite this, Rainbow was able to neutralize the terrorists and disarm the bombs.

A few months later, Rainbow recovered several financial records that the PSNP was attempting to destroy after seizing a bank in London, England. These records would later reveal how Gospic obtained his fortune during the war and his connection to Sicic. After Rainbow stopped Gospic, it can be assumed that Sicic was deported back to Croatia and tried for his crimes during the war.


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