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"They're not awfully bright. They killed that poor sod very early in the affair, didn't they? When you kill a hostage, you cross a large, thick line sir. Once across it, one cannot easily go backward, can one?"
— Peter Covington

Major Peter Covington is a character that appears in Rainbow Six. He is a member of the SAS and is the Commander of Rainbow Team 1.


Peter Covington's is the son of a Brigadier General who had served in the 22nd Regiment of the SAS. Like his father, Peter eventually joined the SAS. He was eventually stationed at Hereford Base in the United Kingdom in 1992. Seven years later in 1999, Peter was promoted to the simulated rank of Major and made the leader of Team 1 for the newly formed Rainbow counter-terrorism unit.

Rainbow SixEdit

Following Rainbow's formation, Team 1 and Team 2 conducted a series of training exercises to prepare for their first mission. Covington and his team consistently scored slightly better on evaluations than Team 2.

A few weeks later, a hostage situation emerged at a commercial bank in Bern, Switzerland. Following the official order, Team 2 was deployed to handle the situation while Team 1 was put on stand-by in case anything happened to Team 2. Annoyed that his team would not be deploying for their first mission, Covington decided to join John Clark and Bill Tawney at Rainbow's command center. Clark asked Covington of his thoughts on the situation to which he stated that the leader, Ernst Model, was "not awfully bright" for killing a hostage so early in negotiations and that it only make it harder for them to escape. After Team 2 was successful in their mission, Covington praised their efforts and Chavez's leadership.

After the second instance of Rainbow deployment, terrorists took control of World Park in Spain, prompting Clark to deploy both Rainbow teams to the mission. Chavez' Team Two deployed from the roof of the terrorist's base, whilst Covington's Team One attacked from below, killing off the survivors of the terrorist group.

It was then that Rainbow had it's first set-back. Provisional IRA terrorists took control of a hospital in direct proximity to Rainbow's Hereford base, with the intention of killing as many Rainbow operatives as possible. Covington's Team was on call, and deployed to the area. PIRA insurgents armed with AKMS assault rifle opened fire on the Team, causing two fatalities, and wounding Covington. Both cells were defeated by combined support from the remainder of Rainbow.

At the end of Rainbow Six, Covington had resumed his post after recovering in hospital.

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