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Phoenix Group is a terrorist organization that appears in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six and its remake, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard.


Terrorist organization operating throughout the European Community. Believed to have its origins in the West Berlin squatter community of the early 1980's, Phoenix's philosophy mixes radical environmentalism with anarchist leanings. Their name alludes to their belief that a new anarchist state will arise from the ashes after the collapse of industrialized society.


Early Phoenix actions were more like college pranks than terrorists acts. Typical was an attack on the French Minister on Industry in 1989 when he and his entire entourage were drenched in sheep's blood by Phoenix Group members waiting in ambush outside a government conference in Barcelona. The group turned violent in 1997 following a wave of arrests by German authorities. In the fall of that year a small bomb was detonated on the trading floor of the Frankfurt stock exchange, killing one trader and injuring twenty others. Since then Phoenix has claimed responsibility for two other bomb blasts, one at the headquarters of a major Italian automobile manufacturer, the other at the German Federal Environment Ministry (Bundesumweltministerium). In all three instances the attack was followed by the delivery of a manifesto to local television stations and newspapers declaring that the Phoenix Group had found the targets guilty of "crimes against the biosphere".

The scope of these operations has led European authorities to believe that Phoenix may be receiving support from an external source, possibly American.


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