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A Ping is a gameplay feature of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. It allows players to place a marker on a location, giving teammates contextual cues to the location of enemies, gadgets, etc. Pings are numbered, with each player assigned a number at the beginning of each match to allow for easier callouts. Pings also change their icon to reflect what item is pinged such as cameras, Drones, Operator gadgets, the defuser, and other objects of interest.

Pings can be utilized in person or through a drone or camera. Players may continue to ping once eliminated. Friendly or enemy gadgets can be pinged. Pinging an enemy Operator gadget will automatically reveal the enemy Operator for the entire team. The reticle used to determine a player's ping can be turned off in Options. Additionally, when using a controller, the default ping input has been switched with the Swap Fire Mode input.


  • In the original system, only one marker could be placed at a time and would last for eight seconds apiece. There was a five second cooldown time between the placement of markers. Markers could only be placed when controlling an Operator directly instead of a Drone or camera. Additionally, their placement was dependent on the player's center field-of-view.
  • The improved Ping system, known as Ping 2.0, was announced February 17th, 2020, during the Six Invitational 2020 and was implemented with the release of the Operation Shadow Legacy expansion.[1]
  • Ping 2.0 was set to launch in the Operation Steel Wave expansion but was postponed due to development being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.[2]