Platinum Jared is the tenth mission of the Gameboy Advance version of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear.

Mission objective:Edit

Control - Terrorists have taken the Reinkler Art Gallery in Prague, a luxurious private gallery in a civilian building. They have set a number of explosive charges and plan to blow up the whole building, which includes civilian apartments, if their demands are not met. The charges have probably been set in the basement. 

Your mission is to infiltrate the building and defuse the bombs. After the bombs are defused, finish the takedown of the terrorists. Defusing the bombs first is a priority - the profile on this group suggests suicidal types. 

The security control room is under their control too, so you must avoid security cameras. We have no information regarding the presence of hostages, but some employees are unaccounted for. 


John Clark - Because the terrorists' demands involve the immediate liberation of our "old friend" Kiriakov, Prague has agreed to let us handle this. There's no space for mistakes, as they won't hesitate to blow everything up... with you inside. 

Mission successEdit

John Clark - Good work. The operation was successful, but we have a new enemy. The bugs planted in Zaitsev's residence have revealed something new. We know that the Rollenstein Building is used as a base by Zaitsev and that Kiriakov was just his puppet. Kiriakov's mission was to set up the incidents by tricking various terrorist groups into doing his will; mostly with large sums of money or by infiltrating the organization with his cronies. Fortunately, we didn't let him get away with it.

About Prague... we still don't know what Zaitsev's real objective is, or why the incidents resemble, in some ways, certain past Rainbow missions. This can't be a simple coincidence.

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